Assassin's Creed 2 Sneak Peak

For those of you who are following the moralistic Assassins and their fierce and bitter war with the Templars, you know that the weapons you have are never enough. That is why we at Museum Replicas are proud to bring you four brand new weapons to add to your arsenal! These have just been approved and will be available soon; however, as loyal Museum Replicas fans, we felt that you deserved a special sneak peak of what is to come.

Presenting the smoke bomb, belt dagger, gun vambrace, and halberd head. Although not functional, the smoke bomb is a cleverly crafted and diabolical looking replica of the Assassin's Creed 2 smoke bomb. Used to disable guards for a quick escape or an even quicker kill, the smoke bomb was a personal favorite of mine when surrounded by guards. Don't let the intricate designs on the handle of the belt dagger fool you into thinking this is just a pretty toy. As demonstrated in the game, this dagger is deadly! The gun vambrace is my absolute favorite and a must have for any true Assassin's Creed fan! Beautiful yet lethal, the gun vambrace allows you to kill from afar and end with a BANG! At least in the game, our model is non-firing. Finally, the halberd head, although not directly owned by Ezio, you can pick it up in game and perform devastating finishing moves and strikes. We felt it would add a certain diversity to our Assassin's Creed line and hope that you enjoy it too. (Note: Halberd Head only, not including pole)

Again, this is just a sneak peak of things to come to whet your appetites! These items will be available for presale in a couple weeks to a month and ready to ship next quarter. Our Assassin's Creed lines are so popular that inventory gets promised and sold before it hits the warehouse shelves! These new items are sure to be just as popular so keep on the lookout for the presale announcement to be sure your name gets on the list ASAP and you're not stuck waiting!

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