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Produced by a US foundry, this a coin the REAL King Arthur Pendragon himself might have issued. While we tend to place King Arthur in the 10th to 12th centuries, historians tell us that the real historic King Arthur lived much earlier… in the 5th to 6th centuries, just after the fall of the Roman Empire. This double-sided Arthurian fantasy coin is in the Late Roman style with Latin inscriptions. Measures about 19mm in diameter and weighs about 2.4 grams of .900 fine silver.

On front the inscription is ARTORIUS DUX BELLORUM BRIT, translated as “Arthur, War Lord of the Britons”. Arthur was regarded as the last “Roman” leader in Britain at a time when REX, meaning king, was regarded as a barbarian title.

On reverse is The Victrix, a winged female figure bearing palm frond and laurel wreath personifying victory, which was gradually morphing during that time period in popular art into the familiar Christian image of the angel. MONS BADONIS refers to the Battle of Badon Hill, Arthur’s greatest victory (circa 490). PCAM is the Roman style mint designation, standing for “Pecunia Camelodenum” or “Mint of Camelot”


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