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Archer's Axe


This European pattern axe consists of a tempered steel head with a flat poll on a hardwood shaft. Highly functional as a weapon, worker. Overall length 20 inches.
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Circa 1300

Archers always carried an in-close fighting sidearm, and an axe like this one was a perfect choice as both a good worker and a weapon. The flat poll was good for hammering in stakes that were often used in the defensive line, and then the blade could be used to sharpen them.  This is a basic European pattern that was carried and used by infantry as well as mounted warriors as its design is just so practical for all kinds of uses in the field as well as war.  Tempered steel head on a good hardwood shaft.  Add this highly functional piece of history to your collection.
  • Overall: 20"
  • Blade: 4-3/4 x 3-7/8
  • Wt: 1 lb/8 oz


Write a Review
Write a Review
I love this axe
I love this axe. It's beautiful and useful. I haven't sharpened it yet but I've used the hammer end. It's about the price of a mass manufactured axe so why buy some ugly store bought axe.
- RENNY, September 10, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Archers Axe good value.
Overall pleased with axe.  However the angle of the sharpening was not ideal for chopping wood, (sharpening stakes etc.).
- Michael, June 14, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Love this axe!
This may be one of my favorite axes made by Windlass. It has a great feel and over all balance. The head is secure on the handle and the axe takes a great edge. Get one for sure!
- Dan, January 20, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Wonderful tool
Stunning!   I use it when camping and when not in use it is on display.
- Mike, July 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Archer's Axe
I just received this a couple of days ago.  As with everything from MR, it came nicely packed and quickly delivered.  It has a nice weight and feel however, I did notice some wobble in the head of the axe to the handle.  I'll have to do some shoring up to make it more solid.  Also, I was surprised by how dull the blade was.  There was not an option for sharpening and I assumed it would have at least some edge.  It is pretty blunt.  At some point I'll look to put an edge on myself.  I've ordered mostly swords, daggers, and the likes from MR and have been very pleased.  This came just a bit under my expectation.  Still a nice item.
- Michael, June 08, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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I bought this as the deal of the day so I think it was a steal for the price.  The axe head blade is slightly crooked which is the reason for four stars but overall it seems to be a nice little axe.
- James, December 08, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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I love this axe. good feel and appearance.
- Paul, December 02, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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Nice little axe, good feel and appearance.
- Matthew, November 14, 2015
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Almost a 5 for me. I love the look and the feel of this axe. I plan on taking it on hikes and hunting for camp chores and tent stakes. The head came loose within 5 swings. After a few split pieces of wood the "nail" hold the head to shaft broke. After I replaced it and added a wedge it is amazing. It is battle ready if a few minutes with no fear of watching the axe fly away.
- Willie, September 09, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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- Elias, August 02, 2009
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