Announcing...Our latest license

Boy, the way these blogs have gone I feel like I need to tell you something earth-shattering, like announcing yet another cool license. But even we need to stop every once in a while and plan with so much on the table. OK, ok don't push, I do have something really cool to share- almost gotcha didn't I?

We're currently working with Universal on the latest Ridley Scott epic starring Russell Crowe called Nottingham: The Robin Hood Story (although that's a working title right now and could change). An amazing movie from what we can tell so far and Russell Crowe is giving his usual gritty performance as he did in Gladiator. We'll be producing the clothing and props with the same attention to detail we always do and you should have a chance to own the outfits by spring 2010.

There's the shot across your bow, don't say you weren't warned, now start saving your pennies!

BTW, I'll be out of touch from today through the weekend, but back again mid next week. Are those tears? I understand.

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