Airship Pirate Boarding Axe - Latex


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This exotic looking steampunk pirate boarding axe is from a by-gone age. This  high quality, latex piece has a realistic look and finish, safe and perfect for a LARP event or convention.

Please Note: This is not a metal weapon; it is a quality latex weapon for LARP and other forms of action play.
  • Overall: 41"
  • Blade: 22"
  • Wt: Approximately 14 oz

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I've been wanting this weapon for 2 years and finally got it. I was disappointed. It isn't painted as well as I'd hoped. It doesn't look as realistic as the photos and the entire thing is foam not just the blade. I'm disappointed but will keep it and hope some rub n buff will make it look a bit better.
- Rebekah, December 09, 2015
The painting tends to vary from product to product.  It is an unusual weapon and actually safer to use than it looks.  that being said it is a fun weapon to use.
- David, May 16, 2014
A very sturdy and surprisingly versatile LARP weapon that has the ability to hit hard when swung normally. But offers some unorthodox parrying and up close smashing capability when gripped in the middle and lowest handle. I was easily able to switch up from a long range disarming slash into an up close and personal parry then chop strategy. It was even stable enough to withstand a full on charge from out of character sore losers throwing their boffers in frustration or attempted to tackle you to the ground. Not to mention newbies who blindly swing their weapons around with no disregard for their own or others safety. My only complaint would be the squishyness of the grip. Because it is the exact same material that the blade is made of. But because of the nature of the boarding axe I suppose that extra precaution of having a padded handle is needed to make this LARP weapon legal for official use.
- Christopher, March 02, 2012 | Verified Purchase

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