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The Aiel are a race of people who live in a desert, which they call the Three-fold Land.  They have earned a reputation as skilled warriors. This 100% cotton Aiel Coat is brown with false stitching at the sleeves.

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Write a Review
I have always loved and been satisfied with Museum Replicas and their products and the Aiel coat is nothing short of fantastic. I was a bit skeptical I won't lie; in buying this because I am a bigger guy with much broader shoulders and this is a one size fits all. The coat fits perfectly and I couldn't be any happier, the faux stitching looks amazing and while it doesn't do anything and is purely for show it fooled me. The fabric is light and airy which is perfect for desert climate and hot weather and the coat works for many different cosplays not just WoT ones. To give a show of size and length to the coat I am 6'0 and the coat falls just below my knees hitting the top of my calfs so it is a pretty long coat. The coat doesn't button closed but if it did I would still have plenty of breathing room, that's how big the coat is. The only real gripe is that the sleeves are tremendously large almost like Monk or Jedi sleeves. The only issue with this is it's possible to snag them on something or if your cosplay require some bracelets or leather cuffs (mine does) they won't really be seen unless you roll the sleeves all the way up. All in all I absolutely adore this coat and am debating on ordering the rest of the Aiel set to complete it. I am super happy with my purchase!!!!
- Aaron, March 21, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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