Adventurer’s Boots


This Renaissance footwear features a low ankle design and soft suede exterior. Has a comfortable rubber sole and heel.


These dashing, faux leather Adventurer’s Boots have a lace-up configuration using seven metal side buttons. Nearly knee high, these Renaissance shoes sport a soft rubber sole and heel. Available in black with brown piping or brown with tan piping in mens sizes S (fits 8-9),  M (fits 10-11) and L (fits 12-13).
  • Overall: 18" high
  • Heel: 1" flat


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Write a Review
My lace button upgrade...
I love these boots, they look great, are comfortable to wear, but I encountered the same problem as another reviewer.  The lace buttons sold with the boots can be pulled out of the boots with small amount of force.  Rather than give up on boots I love, I purchased a set of lace buttons from Amazon (description: Screw Back Celtic Concho).  The screw back connection on the new Celtic Conchos are more secure than the original lace buttons.  I wanted to post photos of my results but that's apparently not possible on this site.
- Jeff, July 25, 2022
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I like
Comfortable, flexible, affordable, beautiful.
- Daniel, June 26, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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Great boots
I purchased these boots in brown, size medium. They didn’t fit quite right when I first tried them on, so I was concerned and inquired about an exchange. The mediums are stated to be shoe size 10-11. I wear a size 10 and it was loose around the top of my foot. Upon further inspection I realized that they had no insole. I grabbed the insoles out of a pair of work boots I have that fit perfect. Now these boots fit perfectly. Snug but not too tight. If you are considering purchasing these boots they are worth the money for being pleather. They look great and fit well, now that I put insoles in them.
- Michael, February 21, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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To start with these are not leather. That is completely fine with me. I purchased these as an alternative to dropping $700 on a pair of real leather boots sight unseen. They are well made. The sizing is a little odd. I ordered a medium which is size 10-11. I wear a 10 and they were pretty loose. I was worried and inquired about returning them. Upon further inspection I realized they had no insole in them at all. I took a pair of insoles out of some of my work boots which fit very well, and dropped it in. While feeling around to see the fitment on the inside the insole fits perfect. The variance is in the part of the boot that goes over the top of the foot is a little big. Once the insoles were in I put them on, and they fit perfect. That’s what it was missing is the insole. If you are thinking about buying these boots, do it. They are worth the money. Fit and finish is spot on. For being pleather they are great and I’m sure will hold up quite well. The buttons I have a feeling might possibly rip out but that’s ok cause I keep a couple of spare conchos in my sewing kit for just such a thing. Great boot for the price, I highly recommend.
- Michael, February 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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They only look good
These boots look really nice and fit well as I tried them on. A week later while putting them on to go to renfest, one of the buttons came off. I tried to fix it and it came off again, and a second one come off as well. These boots should come with a complete extra set of rivets for each boot so they can be installed properly. Big epic fail of a boot and waste of $80. Do yourself a favor and do not buy these.
- Guest, October 07, 2017
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Very well pleased with the boots nnicely done and comfortable
- Blaise, September 24, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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