A Symbol of Divine Power and Authority: The Sword of the Knights Templar

swords of the knights templar

The Knights Templar, sometimes known as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, were famed for their courage, chivalry, and above all, their swords. Founded circa 1119, this influential military order rapidly grew in power and wealth, endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church and favoured throughout Christendom. The Templars, known for their distinctive white mantles with a red cross, were renowned for their swordsmanship, wielding weapons that were as much tools of warfare as they were symbols of divine power and authority​​.

The swords of the Knights Templar had two significant purposes: for battle and for ceremony. They were large, often measuring up to four feet long, and designed to withstand wear and tear lesser forged steel could not fathom, the sword was built for heavy combat. Yet, they were also used in ceremonies such as coronations and knighting, signifying divine power and authority. Knights carried their swords on their left side, close to their heart, a sign of respect for their faith and duty, and were often etched with religious symbols like the cross, reinforcing their spiritual symbolism​.

So, what does the Knights Templar sword mean? Was it as religiously important to a member of the order as it was practically? Beyond its uses in self-defence, the Templar sword was a symbol of the knight's connection to God and the Church. The swords were often blessed before battles, symbolising divine power and authority, and carried on the left side, signifying a deep respect for their faith and duty. The swords were often adorned with religious symbols like the cross, reinforcing the spiritual symbolism​.

This is all very interesting, I’m sure you’re saying, but how do you identify a Knights Templar sword? The physical attributes of an authentic Knights Templar sword were distinctive, as mentioned before, being very long swords, often up to two meters long, and weighed an average of 1.2 kilograms. The sword's hilt was often ornate and unique, sometimes adorned with jewels, while the blades were extremely sharp, often featuring beautiful steel fittings. The blade was generally straight and double-edged, with a cruciform hilt providing protection for both hands​.

The Knights Templar swords' design was a testament to their incredible craftsmanship, strategic ingenuity, and deep spiritual commitment. Each sword encapsulated the spirit of the Templar knights—a symbol of the glory and the power of one of the most legendary military orders in history. The Templar sword was not just a weapon, but a treasured possession, a key to understanding the Knights Templar's historical uses, and an enduring symbol that continues to inspire awe and curiosity.

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