A Really Great Show!

What a Show!

We had a great time at the Costume and Party Expo in Houston; our exhibit was received very, very well and we're glad more stores than ever will offer our great line of clothing and costumes. Nothing in your area? Talk to a shop owner with complimentary product and have them contact us. It would be pretty cool to get our stuff locally, right? Right? I didn't get a harummph out of that guy...you know who you are. 800-241-3664 for stores.
The Wolverine jackets and dog tags are shipping and cool as #$%$#!!! Just a really neat, high quality jacket fan or not. I must reiterate to some of you loyal (but at times maybe a touch misguided) fans. Our jacket is not from Origins, it is from the first movie of the original trilogy and made directly from the jacket worn by Hugh Jackman. Many jackets were used through all the movies, most with visual alterations even within the same movie, but rest assured you have the best representation out there of the one used most often. Fox and Marvel say so and we all can't be wrong. Or can we? Don't answer that.
Iron Man Arc Reactors are here (well, in Customs anyway). They should start shipping out late next week.
Star Wars products are on the way, packaging is done, now that pesky COA and were really cooking. Just so you know, we have 6 more outfits planned this year so hold on.
Collectible Shows
Let us know where you go and why. We do many shows from movie & TV to comics and collectibles, but don't know about all so your input is great. Maybe we'll show up and make the show even better. Which one is hot Gencon? Wondercon? Dragoncon? Comiccon? Another? Leave a comment as to what and why and we'll look into it.
Got a group you want to outfit for a show or event? Let us know and we'll see what we can do to ease the financial burden. Roman soldiers, Spartans, super heroes, etc. any group buy gets you some savings. Just drop us an email and ask.
Have a good weekend!
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