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Royal Court Doublet
Manufactured of a heavy cotton brocade fabric with poly
lining and accented by a row of antiqued buttons. Dry
clean only. Choose S, M, L or XL.
Italian Courtier Stiletto Dagger
This unique 16th century stiletto is but one of many examples made during this time period,
depicting figures as a handle. Our stiletto has two female figures in balance with one another,
making this a perfect stiletto for any period Don Juan. Its antiqued, all-steel construction
ensures its strength, while the fine details by the bladesmiths of
Windlass Steelcraft
its beauty. Comes complete with a matching leather scabbard with steel tip.
Overall 14" • Blade 9",
" wide • Wt.-
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Tudor Close Helm
This excellent reproduction by the fine craftsmen of
Windlass Steelcraft
is fully wearable. Made from 18 gauge
hammer hardened steel.
#300432 …$195
Cavalier Shirt
A rich black cotton velvet shirt with lace-
up neck. The slashed sleeve reveals either a
silver or gold satin inner sleeve. Order
Black with Gold or Black with Silver. Come
in S/M or L/XL.
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