Venetian Stiletto


This stiletto is made of a unique triangular 1055 high carbon steel blade with a beautifully hollowed face. Modelled after a wickedly attractive stiletto from Doge's Palace. Wooden grip. Sheath included. Overall length 13-3/4 inches.
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Circa 1520

On a trip to Venice we were touring the Doge's Palace and admiring the weapons when a particularly beautiful stiletto caught our eye, which we have reproduced here. Centuries old, its elegantly crafted contours and unique triangular blade were obviously shaped by a master; for the dagger shone with a positively happy wickedness. Stilettos come in many sizes, from delicate little hideout weapons to forthright long daggers suitable for use even as a main gauche, but this is certainly one of the more attractive ones we've come across. Blade face is beautifully hollowed. Grip is wood. Stiletto comes complete with sheath. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


Products specifications
Overall Length 13-3/4"
Blade Length 8-3/4"
Weight 7oz
Material 1055 High Carbon Steel
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Unavailable
Engraving Unavailable


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A gentlemen's dagger
This is my favorite dagger in my collection. I just love the look of it.

It was not boxed very well. The factory packaging could have been much better. The tip came slightly bent, but about a minute with a sharpening stone took care of it. Yes, I could have just sent it back, but I do a lot of knife sharpening.
- Wilson, July 20, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Top Notch!
A very beautiful stiletto! Flawless execution on this one. It even stays in the sheath without slipping out. If you like this style get it!
- Dan, January 31, 2019 | Verified Purchase
This is just beautiful.  I love the guard and pummel.   The handle with the twisted wood is what drew me to it initially.  Long sharp point makes this truly an assassins weapon.

My only con is the scabbard.  I wish Windlass would provide the option to purchase a better one that fits and matches the weapons aesthetics.
- Taher, September 21, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Thank you for your comments.  This is an older member of our catalog and we are addressing sheaths and scabbard design improvements for our products.
- MRL Team
A happy wickedness indeed!  I've completed my dagger collection with the acquisition of this blade and the Italian arming dagger, and I could not be more pleased with both.  The problem with the dagger fitting loosely in the sheath has been remedied - I turned the sheathed blade upside down and it held, only coming loose with a light shake and gravity's assistance.  The dagger is not exactly a "hide out" tool because of its length, but this is not necessarily a drawback.  Well made, symmetrical (triangular) blade, and attractive furniture.  Buy one for yourself or your SO...
- Allen, July 19, 2016 | Verified Purchase
This is without a doubt the most artful piece I've ever held.  
The twisting elegant curves fit nicely into the hand.  The grip is full and firm.  The point is strong but thin and needle sharp.   You can easily punch this through cloth, leather, or the rings of mail.  The sheath is a bit loose, and lacks a way to hang from a belt, but that's easily remedied with a small leather frog.
- Chris, May 12, 2016
It was want I was looking for. But the point was bent
- kevin, February 05, 2016 | Verified Purchase
I purchased this Venetian Stiletto as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. It's a wonderfully elegant weapon in person. The balance is nearly perfect and the wood grip feels great in hand. The tapered point is wickedly sharp and will pierce just about any cloth. My only complaint is that the sheath on my stiletto fits a little too lose for my liking. Overall extremely pleased with my purchase.
- Paul, March 04, 2014 | Verified Purchase
Beautiful weapon!

- George, August 10, 2011 | Verified Purchase
I got this stiletto for my birthday a few years back. It is a beautiful piece that is a lovely addition to my collection.
- Barbara, December 03, 2008

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Products specifications
Overall Length 13-3/4"
Blade Length 8-3/4"
Weight 7oz
Material 1055 High Carbon Steel
Edge Unsharpened
Sharpening Unavailable
Engraving Unavailable
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