The Sword Excalibur

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This sword has a high carbon steel sword blade and antique finished metal fittings. The two-handed grip and the wooden scabbard, are covered in soft blue leather. Overall 43 inches.


No other sword in the annals of literature has been more renowned than the legendary Excalibur. This magical blade sealed young Arthur Pendragon’s lineage to the throne of England. Our version is designed from the stories of Camelot, from the time of author, Sir Thomas Malory.

The blade is high-carbon steel, made by the master smiths of Windlass Steelcrafts. The metal fittings have an antique finish and emulate the flowers of a new spring. The two-handed grip, as well as the wooden scabbard, has been covered in rich, soft blue leather. The scabbard also is adorned with antique flower-like metal fittings. 


Products specifications
Overall 43"
Weight 3 lbs. 4 oz
Blade Length 32-1/2"
Grip Length 7-1/4"
Width 2-1/2"
Material High Carbon Steel


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Superb Craftsmanship
Beautiful sword ! The hand crafted hilt and etching design of the dragon Crest and shield is perfect. Worthy of the true king Arthur himself. This is perfect for my bedding and fits great on my right hip.
- Johnathan, May 22, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Nice for the Price!
Well-balanced, high quality blade and nice, well-crafted accessories, BUT I wouldn't trust it for any real swordplay (HEMA/WMA or even SCA) because of the poured "metal" hilt. SNAP!

- GORDON, December 27, 2018
Excalbur Sword-Fabulous
Excellent sword-beautilfully made and received very quick
would definitely purchase from here again
- Ronald, December 21, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Very Nice !
Had this sword on pre-order for 10 months.  Worth the wait !  Remind me a sword from Tolkien universe.  Sword is lither than expected.
- Philippe, September 05, 2018
Almost perfect 👌🏿
I’m not sure if this is a one-handed or a two handed weapon it’s so balanced it seems like it could be either, but I wanted it to be a one-handed. The pommel is extremely large and it makes it difficult to hang. Also, I don’t accept anything but perfection so getting a wall mount is extremely difficult because I was looking at the glamdring royal blue wall mount but you have to buy the sword with it and I’m not going to buy a $218 dollar sword when I don’t need it. So the hanging problem is pretty serious for something that is meant to hang. So I’d give this a 8.6/10.
- Casey, August 05, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Finest Products
This sword is the very reason sword collecting is so exciting. Everything about this sword cries out to the serious collector.  no one could know what the Excalibur sword would have looked like, but having this in your hand makes you feel you have a piece of history. I had it sharpened and it was well worth the money. even the scabbard was awesome. Get the Money, get this sword. You will love it!
- James, July 23, 2018 | Verified Purchase

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Products specifications
Overall 43"
Weight 3 lbs. 4 oz
Blade Length 32-1/2"
Grip Length 7-1/4"
Width 2-1/2"
Material High Carbon Steel
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