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A very good product but now the release is sticking.
Ray | May 02, 2010
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A smart-looking cane, and the "sword" is spring-tempered. But it is totally dull, not even a dull edge, there is no edge. Trying to defend yourself with this would be suicidal, unless your assailant runs away!
Stephen | December 05, 2014
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You don't see full size blades on sword canes that often good steel needs sharpened but think I can do it great product
Dan | August 31, 2015
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Better Than Advertised!
The full length blade is of surprisingly good steel, and I welcomed the opportunity to sharpen it myself! Also the weight of the cane is definitely intimidating. If the blade doesn't solve my problems, the cudgel-like sheath will give your enemies pause. This product is more than worth the price and exceeded all my expectations!
Hugh | September 20, 2018
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The best of the best!
I own several sword canes from inexpensive to high end. This by far the best of the bunch. Well thought out design & functionality as a cane & as a viable means of defense. I'm sure most purchasers are novelty buys. As a 74 y/o retired Vietnam vet, I need an assistance platform that is fully functional. The construction & heft make it an acceptable weapon when necessary. The blade length & balance are excellent. Obviously, it is not shipped razor sharp. That is a no brain feature. You don't want any unsuspecting purchasers loosing any body parts in the process of opening the shipping box. If you want it sharp, that is easily accomplished. I know that in the future, when contemplating a knife/sword purchase, you company will be the first place I look. Thanks for creating a fully functional cane as well as a formidable weapon, at a great price point. Worth twice the price!
Murray | October 07, 2018
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