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Elias | August 02, 2009
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Picked this sword up as a deal of the day, for about $99.  Fantastic deal. Couldn't wait for it to arrive, as this piece is not my usual. I am very happy with my purchase. Solid, thick blade, made of a fine high-carbon steel, with a peened tang through the beautiful brass hilt.  The balance of the weapon is horrible, but it is not meant to be a balanced (or delicate) item. Crafted for pure chopping power (much like an axe), it is a very faithful reproduction of the originals, in modern materials.  Coupled with a round shield it makes for a devastating combination, waiting for the right moment for a solid, powerful strike.  As, I suppose, a purely good review is not exactly helpful, my only real complaint is with the cut of the hilt.  As the strength in a swordsman's grip should come from his base two fingers (pinky and ring) and the control with the top two, I find the bottom of the hilt a bit thin to get a good, solid grip with my base two fingers.  Not really the fault of the manufacturers, as this is the style in which the originals were made. Would probably feel a lot better with a solid pair of leather gauntlets to aid in the grip on the brass.  Either way, well done, again, Windlass Steelcrafts!
Michael | April 29, 2011
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I bought this on a deal of the day,as soon as it was offered, I had wanted it for awhile and
I was not sorry I did,the blade is well crafted and if sharped cuts through targets easily,you can see why it was so widely used in ancient times by so many countries. Has excellent weight for chopping,and is solidly made have fun with this one.
Daniel | April 03, 2016
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I love this weapon! I have always wanted a falcata, and Windlass Steelcrafts did not disappoint! The sharp edge is incredible, and the heft of the weapon is what I expected it to be after all the studding of the item. The grip is very comfortable and well secured. The Brass really compliments the carbon blade. Completely functional, and beautiful to boot! Keep up the great work Windlass and MRL!
Alex | September 20, 2016
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Love this sword!
Bought this sword with sharpening few month ago,overall  a great beautiful stuff,im really happy fot this purchase,the edge is not bad,pass the paper test.
One thing I must say,the customer service should be the best compare to many other campanies I ever meet,lightning speed on shipping and replying~i really happy with that
Hoiwan | February 04, 2018
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Over a decade later I still love this sword!
This is one of those works of art that is hard to describe the way it makes you feel!
Truly a great sword to wield.

Check out my video of it.

Stuart | April 28, 2018
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Great falcata
Read the reviews on this and had to buy. Very happy with the quality and detail. Had it sharpened and they did a good job. Feels good in the hand.
Steven | September 19, 2018
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