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This mail armor shirt is made of butted 16 gauge steel links in the International Pattern, 4 links through a 5th. Outer link diameter of each link is about 7/16 inch and inner link diameter about 3/8 inch. Weighs 23 lbs.
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From the Celts of 300 BC to 18th century Asia, mail was one of the most prized items a warrior could own. The Foe of Swords probably derived the name "mail" from the Latin Macula meaning net. This shirt features 16 gauge links combined in the "international" pattern, with 4 links through a 5th, which was common to all European mail. Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections. 

Mail shirts fit up to a 54” chest with a 33” long shirt. The sleeves are approximately 18” and hang to just below the elbows on average height warriors. This mail shirt is made of butted 16 gauge steel links in the International Pattern, 4 links through a 5th, a style common to all European mail. The outer link diameter of each link is about 7/16" with the inner link diameter at about 3/8". We recommend keeping this mail oiled at all times. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Great for a wide variety of outfits from Viking and Medieval to early Renaissance. Express delivery not available on mail. Mail Shirts add $6 each additional s/h.

  • Overall: 33" long with 18" sleeves
  • Chest: up to 54"
  • Wt: 23 lbs


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Christian L
The mail armor shirt is excellent. I'm very excited wearing this to the medieval fair. I sometimes just wear it around the house because I like it so much.
- Christian, February 18, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Heavy Realistic Mail
Quality material, fit and realistic.
- Jim, September 21, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Great quality and fit, even with my 52" chest. The only thing keeping this from 5 stars is that it's HEAVY. You won't want to wear this all day to a ren fest or even a long costume party. I'll keep this until I can get the mesh mail shirt on a Deal of the Day sale, then it's sold.
- Jonathan, July 13, 2017 | Verified Purchase
This is my first set of chain mail armor. I was surprised when I opened the package because the mail was clean and shiny. I was expecting a heavy coat of grease like many of the other products I have ordered. The fit is excellent on my XXL frame. The links expand a bit across the chest while bending or flexing. It had a couple of minor gaps in the armpit area but they were easily fixed with some of the spare links that fell out of the package. I will have to enlarge the opening for my head to fit through the hole. This is easily done with two pliers. While butted mail does not offer the same protection as riveted mail, I did not buy this fend off a Danish axe. Highly recommended.  
- Al, March 20, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Fits right and looks good!
- James, February 11, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Fits pretty snug to my 165 lbs frame but covers half my forearms and all of my thighs.  Good hefty weight as well.  Looks great with Templar tunic or leather jerkin over it.
- Patrick, August 27, 2015 | Verified Purchase
I bought this along with the coif and love it. Everyone I show it to finds it impressive, and comment on how heavy it is. Well it is what it is, real armor!! Love how it flows and moves. After you are used to the weight you almost don't know you have it on. Agree with some others that the sleeves could be longer, but still recommend it to anyone thinking of getting chain mail.
- Justice, December 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase
i love this Mail Armor Shirt
- Daniel, August 28, 2010 | Verified Purchase
- chris, January 18, 2010
This is an excellent piece of armor. My only complaint is that, like Gimli, I find it a little tight across the chest.
- Nicholas, April 10, 2009
Good, tough mail!  I love my chain mail.  My only wish is that it had longer sleeves.
- Jeffrey, November 19, 2008

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