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Hand and Half Swords

The term hand-and-a-half is more a modern designation for a range of sword types that featured tapered blades longer than the standard shorter arming swords of the time but without the double-hand grips of larger, heavier war-swords. Many different swords fall into this category, and many of them are as maneuverable as they are surprisingly sturdy. Hand-and-a-half swords roughly fall into two categories. The first tends to have approximately six-inch grips with the blades generally between 34–36 inches. The second type is known as “bastard” swords with grips around five inches or so, and blades 30–34 inches long. Both are light enough to use one handed but allow for two handed use by gripping the base of the pommel. Blade shapes varied to the changes from the mail to full plate armor, but remained of a size that made them effective from horseback. 

Museum Replicas houses a collection of hand-and-a-half swords which includes arguably the most famous of all medieval blades – the longsword. We also offer other traditional swords of the period – the bastard sword and the war-sword. Just like our other swords, Museum Replicas’ hand-and-a-half swords are aesthetically pleasing and works of excellent craftsmanship. Check them out now! 

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This fantasy war sword has a blued, fully tempered 1065 high carbon steel blade, leather-wrapped wooden grip and black parts. Comes with scabbard. Overall length of 42 inches.

Conan Father’s Sword

This sword has a blade hand forged of 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength. Features intricate details on the blade, guard and pommel. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Overall length of 38-1/2 inches.

Conan Valeria’s Sword

This sword features a blade made of 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength. Exhibits elaborate guard and pommel. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Overall length of 38 inches.

Windlass Classic Bastard Sword

This hand and half sword can easily accommodate two hands. Large, but amazingly light and well balanced, this high carbon steel sword has a darkened pommel and cross guard.

Battlecry Agincourt War Sword

This hand-and-half sword has a sharpened, blued 1065 high carbon steel blade with an extra wide tang. Includes a leather belt frog and scabbard with belt stop. Overall 39 inches.

Durandal the Sword of Roland

This mythical medieval sword has a wide, hand-forged, high-carbon steel blade. The cross guard, grip band and pommel are silver plated. Red leather wrapped grip. Matching scabbard included. Overall 40-3/4"
$329.95 $424.95

Conan Atlantean Sword

This fantasy replica sword has been hand forged from 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC. Intricate details on hilt and deep runes on the blade. Overall 38-7/8 inches.


Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Blacksword

This sword was one I immediately fell in love with when I first saw it. Now, I have it! As always, the item came shipped properly, safely, and securely. The blade has a great edge and heft without being ungainly. An instant favorite!
Reviewed by: Joel, December 01, 2019

Review of: Blacksword

WOW. This sword is absolutely incredible. The sharpening services I ordered on it are NOT joking either - it comes very sharp and is truly ready for battle, so be careful if you get it sharpened! You'll see a blue hue to it too in certain lights which is mesmerizing. The blade looks well-made as does the hilt; it feels well-weighted. Everything about this sword is perfect. I can't think of any downsides to it. If you're waffling, you should absolutely get this beautiful work of art.
Reviewed by: Sam, November 30, 2019

Review of: Conan Atlantean Sword

So this is a real fully functional weapon if sharpened, this is the first real sword I have purchased. Long stroy short I was at a local sword shop and bought a cheap copy for only $117, the next day the handle broke so I took it back and got a refund. Then I stumbled upon MRL and saw this one, so far it has giving me a good workout especially my hands, wrist, and shoulders being at 8lbs. It will cut anything with enough force, I cut a piece of hardwood in half, now its starting to loosen just a little where the guard and handle are locked in, but this is normal  all functional swords  after doing research have to be maintained like everything else, but its easliy repairable as this is a full-tang weapon. I always wanted the Conan Sword growing up
Reviewed by: Vincent, November 27, 2019

Review of: Battlecry Agincourt War Sword

I wanted  something  more  practical  than the  Accolade
Reviewed by: Dennis, November 07, 2019

Review of: Conan Father’s Sword

fit and finish are very good, now a center piece in my collection. took awhile to get it but well worth the wait. very happy with it I will soon be adding the atlantian sword.
Reviewed by: Troy, October 16, 2019

Review of: Conan Atlantean Sword

This sword is a beautiful, well-built BEAST!
Reviewed by: Christopher, October 16, 2019

Review of: Battlecry Agincourt War Sword

Superbly made weapon.  The finish on it makes you treat it more like a functional tool rather than a display piece that must be pampered.  Not that it does not display nicely but these item were originally designed to be used and carried and could not always be kept from the elements.
Reviewed by: Mike, October 09, 2019

Review of: Blacksword

Wow man. This is awesome. I’ve been a fan of Percy Jackson for years, and I’m slowly gathering up collectibles like what kinds of swords they have, (I already have riptide, Annabeth’s knife, and Hazel’s Sparta) and I was having a really tough time finding something that would look good for nicos Stygian iron sword. I tell you what, this really does the trick.
Reviewed by: Nico, October 07, 2019

Review of: Windlass Classic Bastard Sword

I had bought this sword as a 50th birthday gift for a friend and this was the first time I opted for further customization. It was ordered with both sharpening and initials which were both available. The edge was razor sharp and the engraved initials were perfectly done. The sword and scabbard were finely crafted and I was envious of this very well received birthday gift, my friend loved it! Some day in the not too distant future I sorely wish for one of my own...
Reviewed by: Dwight, September 07, 2019

Review of: Windlass Classic Bastard Sword

Windlass hits another home run!! Now, from what I understand, this Sword is a "Re-Run" of a Sword they had produced at some point in the past and brought back into production for some time. So I thought to myself is this going to be a sword that has sat in a warehouse for 10 years?.....mmm.... Well if they have they stored them perfectly👍.  However, as good a quality as these are I seriously doubt that they have 🗡🗡👍.  Absolutely love this Sword! The grip is excellent. Excellent quality rich, black leather. Oval shaped and tapered slightly to the middle spacer, then slightly more tapered to the pommel, a (scent-stopper) style I beleive, makes for an EXCELLENT GRIP SINGLE OR TWO HANDED! On top of the pommel you can see where the thick tang of the blade has been HAMMER PEENED INTO PLACE. The crossguard is solid. Period correct. A little plain, but hey, leaves a customization option. I didn't think I would like the ricasso, I usually don't, but a little thought and you realize that it is EXCELLENT FOR HALFSWORDING (Holding the Sword like a Spear) 👍👍. Now PERSONALLY I have covered the Ricasso with thick, black leather. (Think the Braveheart Sword). But I'm a semi-pro sword customizer, with access to every material one would need, so customize at your own risk! THE BLADE ALSO IS JUST AWESOME! It is Broad and Straight, being surprisingly light. Now typically a Bastard Sword blade would be a touch longer, but this LENGTH IS JUST RIGHT!! The handling of this sword is just a touch blade heavy, but a REAL BASTARD SWORD LIKE THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART in the first place. My blade came nicely sharpened, definetely sharp enough to cut Tatami Mats and water bottles, etc. However,  just like any Companies sharpening service it could always use a little touch up. The grind was EXCELLENT! Whoever sharpened mine really knew what they were doing 👍🗡⚔👍! Last thing I will say is this sword is simple yet extremely FUNCTIONAL. I consider it the "Big Brother" of my Windlass "European Sword". AAAA+++++

                                    Casey Stewart in Panama City, Florida
Reviewed by: Casey, August 30, 2019