Sacred Sword of the Prophet

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This long sword has a hand forged high carbon steel blade finished in gleaming nickel plate and a wood grip with a black leather hilt. Features 24K gold floral designs on the cross guard, pommel, scabbard and the display case. Overall : 100cm.
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Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah, the great figure of the Islamic faith, is regarded by Muslims as the messenger and prophet of God and among the many great deeds and traits were those of the cunning mind of a military general. His sword is a symbol of his majesty and importance. His followers cherished every aspect of his life from teachings to physical possessions including his sword so it would be passed on to future generations and we are delighted they did.  

The sacred relics in the treasury in Alexandria, as well as those with the Abbasid caliphs in Egypt were transferred to Istanbul. These relics were preserved with honor in the sultan’s throne room and for 400 years the Holy Qur’an was read next to them in reverence. Positively identified, the original sword now lies in the amazing collection in Topkapi Palace and is painstakingly reproduced for the first time.

This is the sword of the Messenger of God. Every single detail and element has been expertly reproduced by hand from the original to be an exact match down to the dazzling velvet presentation bag that accompanies the original relic embroidered with real 24K gold thread.

This 100 cm. long sword has a wood grip with a black leather hilt. The cross guard and pommel are decorated with 24K gold floral designs in relief. The scabbard is wood covered with leather and is ornamented with 24K gold and hand embroidered straps. The high carbon steel blade is hand forged and finished in gleaming nickel plate, preserving this amazing sword for years of beautiful display. The sword weighs 2-1/4 lbs. Features custom, hand crewelled in 24K gold thread, velvet presentation bag and comes in a custom padded, velvet lined, genuine leather display case. A relic to be treasured and revered for generations.  Price includes international shipping.

** It is important to note the original sword blade had an inscription, “Muhammad is the Messenger of God – Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd alMuttalib,” which is not reproduced. This is due sadly to the deteriorating state of the letters so it could not be accurately replicated.


Products specifications
Overall Length 100cm
Blade Length 36"
Blade Width 1-5/8"
Weight 2lbs/8oz
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel


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Products specifications
Overall Length 100cm
Blade Length 36"
Blade Width 1-5/8"
Weight 2lbs/8oz
Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
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