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Elias | August 02, 2009
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Dwyane | October 31, 2009
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Cane Review
Can’t remember when I bought mine, about 2009 if not before.  I didn’t not know of MRL at the time and used another source.  It has held up well all of the time.  I saw a video review by Skallagrim who gave it less than a favourable review.  One of his chief complaints was the rattle and rattle his did.  I’ve heard of one other such case.  I don’t know if Windlass has change their production method since mine or if those two were just faulty but my sword cane, as my Windlass sword umbrella, has two plastic inserts that sandwich the blade dampening the rattle and making the sword/scabbard fit more secure.  The inserts are glued in but the glue bond breaks over time possibly due to oil from the blade.  Every three years or so I have to glue the inserts back in.  The cane is a delight to carry, it handles well and is fast with controllability.
Paul | July 28, 2018
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Nice dress cane
The sword cane was delivered quickly and was generally as represented.  My only disappointment was that the sword came with a blunt, square edge which took me hours of effort to sharpen into something useful.
Steve | January 13, 2019
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