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Looks good on the web, but have yet to receive mine.  It's been on back order since November!  Hope to see it soon!

Mark | January 11, 2009
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My Lady gave me this as a yule gift. I wish that it could been pre-sharpened.I will have to get out the file and put an edge on it. Nice balance, Looks great!
Sheila | January 08, 2010
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Axe head socket was loose not even touching the handle and pinned to it axe head itself was nice even though not forged straight quickly turned into a project axe in order to correct
Joseph | September 01, 2011
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I got this on the Deal of the Day a while back, and that made this a superb buy. Solid & well-balanced as well as beautiful, it's both functional and eminently displayable! The head on mine is starting to get a little bit loose - but that's not terribly unusual for an axe.
Gordon | December 05, 2014
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Really unhappy with this item. The engraving on the head isn't consistently darkened, with the areas closest to the haft having almost no inking (or whatever they've used to color it in). Also, there's a defect in the head on mine, and it's readily apparent: a chip/crack in the head that's been filled in with the engraving ink and stands out like a sore thumb. On top of those issues, the wood used for the haft is much closer to white than the pleasant red hue in the example photos. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but for a display piece like this I would hope they match up the images provided as much as possible.
Rick | April 06, 2015
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Great Ax!
The engraving is great, the handle is a strong hardwood.  
William | May 12, 2015
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Donnie Rabun
Excellent quality. Well designed.
Don | December 25, 2018
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