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The details and craftsmanship on this sword and scabbard are really nice
Great prop sword (non-sharpened version.) The details and craftsmanship on this are spectacular. It's striking. Scabbard just as much as the sword proper... The leather is good quality and well sealed/finished... it doesn't seem like the color is going to rub off on clothing like some other manufacturers seem to have trouble with accomplishing. Overall, very happy with this purchase!
Alexander | September 10, 2019
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It's one of my favorite swords
Melissa | August 22, 2019
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One of my Best !
I own 141 swords in my collection the Vikings King Sword still my favourite.  I bought it mostly because of the nice attractive scabbard but actually love the look of this sword.  Maybe the small leather grip is not the best but overall I love it.
Philippe | February 08, 2018
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For small hands only?
First off its a beautiful sword. It has all the bells and whistles, a well made scabbard made out of wood, bound in leather. A built in belt, beautiful handle and pommel...

It is very unfortunate that the pommel digs into your palm making it painful to practice with for more then a few moments at a time. From the base of my thumb, to the end of my palm, my hand is about 4 inches wide. The grip of the sword between the pommel and guard is about 3.75 inches. Its far to small, and I've never had my hand dug into by the pommel with any other Windlass sword.

If you are like me, and like to practice and train with every sword he owns, this sword is not for you... unless you have very small hands.
Guest | November 16, 2017
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I just received this sword and, I must say, I was immediately impressed. I bought this is a gift for my son and I'm sure his reaction will be the same as mine. The blade feels wonderful in your hand and seems to be very well balanced. The scabbard is absolutely beautiful. Quite possibly the best looking scabbard I have ever seen on a relatively inexpensive sword. My only complaint is the glued on parts. There should be a more permanent way to attach them. Otherwise, I HIGHLY recommend this blade.
Richard | May 13, 2015
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This was a gift for my husband. We had it sharpened and initialed, which was totally worth the wait. I now have the best pictures of the hubs smiling like a kid holding this sword :) The quality of materials and attention to detail was excellent.
Catherine | June 09, 2014
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Even nicer then the pictures on this site a very chunky piece of metal very happy to own one
Dennis | February 07, 2014
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james | May 17, 2013
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the fur and silver work really makes this a proud sword. the blade and sure take hits and looks as if brand new! i got mine sharpend and it is twice as good now! And yes some peices are loose but you can fix that up in a few secs. the leather is real fine. THIS SWORD IS A MUST GET!
jonus | December 25, 2012
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great sword only complaint is some of the pieces are glued on and can come off but is easly fixable and one more thing Im 5ft10 average but broad shoulders build and the belt is for someone with a very large waist with not alot of belt loops on them smaller people might have to make more loops or holes in the belt
Benjamin | February 18, 2012
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viking rule this sword is the best i own and i own several
Shaye | January 30, 2011
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