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I actually Ordered this for my Grandson and he loves it.  It did have a few flaws though. While I expected some discoloration due to antiquing, the blade had a few spots not in line with the antique look. Also, the blade is gold as promised, but I was looking for an antique look to the gold, like the guard is.  Overall loved it! great buy
James | August 09, 2017
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Not what I expected.
I expected the blade to be gold, but it wasn't. I also requested the sword be sharpened, and that didn't happen. I enjoy ordering from this site, but this was really a botched job. The reason I'm not giving this one star is, because it appears to be a sturdy sword with good balance.
Guest | November 09, 2017
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Cutlass Supreme!
This is a cutlass that ErroI Flynn or Basil Rathbone would be proud of!  I purchased the Golden Coast cutlass as part of the Black Friday madness, and I don't regret a doubloon of the purchase price, Matey.  There does not appear to be any of the faux-gold wash on either the half-basket hilt or blade, which IMHO is all to the good:  Why gild the lily?  The blade is very plain, with no fuller and (truth to tell) a "soft" ridge line.  The basket and grip are large enough to accommodate a gauntleted hand, which is one of my litmus tests for a truly functional weapon.  Overall, an admirable rendering of this swashbuckling sword type!
Stanley | December 08, 2017
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The best Cutlass I Own !
Nothing bad to say about this cutlass.  One of my best !
Philippe | February 21, 2019
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Ideal Cutlass
When I google US Naval Cutlass, a nearly identical weapon is found.

This is an impressive cutlass and I carry it with pride.
Michael | April 12, 2020
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Where is the Golden Coast anyway??
Interesting: This cutlass uses a regulation French shell (see many other examples of shell in early 19th century France's calvary.) However, all those blades were straight.     The curve in this makes it a weapon requiring investment of both personal capital for the modified blade as well as respect for the officer's uniform.    Amazing piece.
Michael | April 14, 2020
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