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This sword exceeded my expectations.  The blade is quite thick a the ricasso, very much like a saber with a fuller.  There is no whippiness to this blade at all, as in none.  The basket-hilt in the pictures is an annoying almost chrome, however in real time the steel is a nicely oiled steel which will age well into a fantastic patina.  Everything on the sword fits tightly.  There is no rattling or looseness of the guard, pommel, or blade.  The scabbard is also very snug.  Not too tight but it friction fits perfectly, very much like a wooden saya.  

If you are looking for a cutlass, I'd sidestep this one.  It has alot of mass.  If you're looking for a Dussack/Tessack/Swiss Saber/Messer then this is the sword for you.  Although the blade is only 25 inches, I do not feel underarmed.  I would gladly fence this against an arming sword or common saber.  This blade moves with authority and grace.  The mass is such that I could easily beat another blade off center line and lunge into a vital target.  The point of balance is roughly 2.5 inches from the guard.  

I would gladly buy this sword again in a heartbeart.  While I do like Windlass swords, I was expecting their typical whippy blade.  Not so here. Also the temper on this thing is such that it rings like a bell.  Five star work here.
Josh | December 15, 2015
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Excellent replica, and functional as well.  Everything I expected.
Roger | December 24, 2015
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I have had my eye on this beauty for quite some time, and when it was listed as the "Deal of the Day" I snapped it up. I ordered my Scottish Cutlass sharpened, and it arrived well-packed, with a plastic safety on the tip. It was not only beautiful, well-constructed, well-finished, sturdy and battle-worthy, it was evenly very sharp from the point to the cross guard. The basket hand guard is a work of art!  I am extremely pleased. It is honestly worth the full asking price. ERSJR, Hanover, Virginia
Edmund R. | March 24, 2016
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Pretty nice sword for the money, bought it on daily special
Merrill | February 06, 2017
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Great! A beautiful sword and the sharpening service was great. It is  heavy and stout, and probably could do quite a bit of damage.
Donald | April 12, 2017
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As I am always looking for the perfect hand-to-hand combat weapon, I was initially disinclined to consider a THREE POUND short sword.  But after reading the reviews (and needing the perfect complement to my pirate outfit), I took the plunge and ordered this magnificent weapon.  Now I am convinced that this may be the perfect weapon.  When I took it out of the box, the fit and finish were as everyone has described it - perfect.  But here is what impressed me.  I stood the box up that it came in.  I figured, "Why not?" and took a swipe. This is an empty, LIGHT cardboard box - not one of those thick paper tubes mounted on a pole they test katanas with, which would have been no problem for this cutlass.  It sliced that box right in two.  Amazing.  Then I took a smaller, lighter box.  Same results.  This thing is incredibly well-balanced. So well balanced, in fact, that it doesn't feel like a three pound sword.  It feels lighter and more maneuverable. And it also feels like it has a shield ATTACHED to it, the hand guard and basket offer such phenomenal coverage.  All that said, if you have a buckler in one hand and this monster in the other, who - short of anyone holding a PIKE - would be inclined to challenge you?
Peter | September 02, 2017
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Scottish Basket Hilt Cutlass
Received mine a few days ago with MRL's ALWAYS fast and excellent shipping. Being Scottish and German myself makes this cutlass that much more awesome. I was lucky enough to catch this as a deal of the day, however I was literally days away from ordering it at regular price. I also ordered it with the sharpening service, which is honestly my only complaint, the front of the blade is very nicely sharpened, however the 9" back swedge was left dull, which to my understanding was to be sharpened. But no big deal, I have a nice sword sharpener that worked perfectly. On to the sword. Perfection.
Not a single scratch, the edge is perfect, not a stitch out of place, the blade is perfect, the grip is tight and flawless, the fittings are tight and nicely polished, the basket hilt is solid as a rock and also finished nicely, the pommel is perfect and provides more balance. I really am blown away by this one, and I own roughly 25 mid to high end blades. If you have EVER considered buying this cutlass don't waste any more time and grab one, or two! Side note this cutlass is not available from K
Casey | March 05, 2018
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I just received this today.  Purchased during MR's recent sale and very fast delivery.  I did have the blade sharpened (what's the point of having a weapon if not real).  There's a lot of metal here.  It's beefy and solid thru and thru.  Great feel and grip.
Beautifully made.  I highly recommend this.  You'll love it.  Great addition to my collection.
Michael | May 26, 2018
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First, customer service was excellent. I emailed a question and got a response within 3 minutes (no exaggeration). And the sword... what can I say about this weapon besides YEE-HAH!!!   It is all you could ask for, from the fit & finish, to the quality, to the aesthetics, even the packing for shipment. If you have ever wanted a pirate cutlass, get this one. You will not regret it.
Adam | September 16, 2018
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Excellent cutlass
Love this cutlass, came very sharp, although the fin at the top of blade was NOT sharpened, i recommend a glove if you have big hands like i do, the basket will rub a hot spot on your knuckle, handles very well, fierce cutter, all in all well worth the money
John | September 17, 2018
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Great cutlass
Very happy with this cutlas. Wasn’t looking to buy but when it came up as a sale of the day with great reviews, I quickly put in my order. Like I said, very happy with the quality and got it delivered fast. Also happy with the sharpening quality.
Steven | September 19, 2018
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Blade heavy, but some stylish fun!
This was my first sword. A little heavy blade-wise (perhaps a fuller of some sort would help with weight/heft, however I am no expert by any means), but a phenomenal chopper/cutter once you learn how to work with its balance. Came shipped securely, quickly, and without any damage. Would definitely buy again!
Joel | October 11, 2018
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Hefty in a good way
With this kind of mass to a short blade, one might expect a cleaver-like feel, and it certainly has authority in short, chopping strokes. But what surprised me was the effortlessness of thrusting. The big basket makes the tip feel almost...floaty?

I know others have noted looseness in the scabbard fit, but mine felt snug. Really a pleasure to look at and handle.
Jeffrey | December 21, 2018
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Extremely Pleased!
Simply lovely cutlass, high quality craftsmanship with a thick heavy and well-balanced blade!
Kevin | May 22, 2019
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Two Thumbs Up!
I love the size and weight of this sword. Ideal for close quarters combat, this well constructed sword is another great Windlass addition to my collection. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend this sword.
John | July 24, 2019
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