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Elias | August 02, 2009
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This shield is everything you want it to be. The straps on the back are perfect. The shoulder strap is in the right spot. When I brought mine to the CT. Renaissance faire all the knights loved it. This shield looks as good as it does on the website.
Daniel | December 18, 2010
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My first impressions is that this shield will get the job done. It's long (protects to the knee), and is both lighter and thicker than I was expecting. This makes it easy to maneuver and doesn't fatigue the arm quickly. The craftsmanship seems very fine, though I the back strap could use a buckle, as it is very long; some instruction on how to use the tie strap and what looks like adjustment holes on the arm strap would be helpful, as well. I have yet to use it in combat, but have an event soon at which I hope to battle-scar its perfectly painted surface and may have more to say about it later.
John | August 29, 2016
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Better than I expected, partly because so much from Windlass is a gamble. One item is a gem, the next thing, not so much. decent. Not sure how historical or how well it would hold up to abuse but its a shield and its strapped. At the right price its all good. Will note that the leather strapping is a bit on the small/tight side. At least for me. Because of this I end up with a few inches of arm at the elbow not behind the shield. My guess is that this is sub-optimal if the shield really mattered for protection. For something on the wall...all good!
Joe | September 03, 2016
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Absolutely Beautiful!
Absolutely Beautiful!, Beyond expectations. Quality material. Strapping firmly attached.
Jim | September 21, 2018
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My boyfriend LOVES his Templar Shield. Excellent quality and truly realistic. He dressed as a Knights Templar when we went to a medieval faire. He was stopped by numerous people requesting a picture with him. Would love to post a picture of him in his Templar outfit of which many items were purchased via Museum Replicas.
Susan | December 31, 2018
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Templar shield worth getting
Nice looking shield, light weight. Has arm and shoulder straps. I am happy with the shield and would recommend for anyone wanting to complete a Templar Knight set up. Shield is very close to the shield used in the tv series Knightfall.
Derek | March 12, 2019
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Sturdy, has heft. Astounding.
Opening the box I didnt know what to expect. After layers of cardboard and shipping padding (not peanuts) I was incredibly surprised by how solid this piece felt. Strapping it to my arm was a surprise to be sure. The creatures I'd be ready to fight, I felt like a paladin in hell ready to hit evil head on. I ordered the non painted and got the painted cross. While not dissapointed I'm deciding if I'll paint it myself now. Pleased, pleased, pleased!
Ryan | September 06, 2019
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Outstanding! Sturdy and gives great sense of authenticity
This is an outstanding piece.  I repainted mine:

It is very sturdy and well-constructed, overall.  Riveted straps feel solid and completely useable.  There is thick padding for the back of the arm.  If I were using it as a functional piece, this would give me some confidence in the shield.  I don't think it would stand up to serious abuse, but the historical originals wouldn't have, either.

The only possible knock on it is that the canvas it's covered with blistered a bit when I was painting it, but this is likely a function of the paint I was using and being exposed to the elements.  Not worth a deduction, though, since this is both outside of what it's designed to be used for and not even a serious issue.  5/5 - highly recommended.
Michael | June 24, 2020
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