John Clements

John Clements
Museum Replicas is proud to be working with a recognized international expert on swords and swordsmanship, John Clements. John is one of the foremost instructors of Medieval and Renaissance fighting arts in the world and he is bringing that expertise to our soon to be released Battlecry line. His input and testing of each piece is exhaustive and thorough giving us an edge over similar lines.

A pioneer in the study of historical combat methods, his writings have been featured in publications world-wide and he has appeared in numerous television and film documentaries. A student of the sword for over 35 years, Clements has taught and lectured in 17 countries along side some of the most renowned sword experts including Ewart Oakeshott and is a major force in the field of historical fencing studies. When not working with MRL he is the director of The ARMA.

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