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Greek Swords and Weapons

Greek and Spartan weaponry is a real specialty offered at MuseumReplicas.com. The wide variety of weapons used during these ancient times can be found throughout our website.

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Butt Cap for Greek Spear

This Greek-style butt cap protects the shaft and balances the spear. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 8-1/2"

Classic Hoplite Sword

This Greek Hoplite sword has a leaf shaped, high carbon steel blade. Steel guard and pommel with leather covered wood grip. Includes leather covered wood scabbard. Overall 28-1/2".


This blade is made of tempered steel. Fits a 1-1/4" round pole. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 16"


This popular Celt-Iberian sword features a blade made from 1065 high carbon steel. The handle is solid brass. Includes scabbard. Overall length of 25-1/4 inches.

Greek Spearhead

This Spearhead measures 16’’ long and can be used both as spear and pike. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.

Javelin Head

Our replica javelin head has been hand-forged of tempered steel after the deadly spears used by ancient Greek Peltasts light infantry. Overall 9 inches.

Spartan Lakonia Short Sword

This close combat sword features a leaf-shaped, 1065 high carbon steel blade and a bronze grip. Scabbard is wood covered in leather. Overall length of 19-1/4 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Spartan Lakonia Short Sword

This sword has a great feel to it.  It is shorter than a normal xiphos, as Spartan swords really were.  Wielding it side by side with my typical Greek xiphos helps me see the advantage of the shorter design preferred by the Spartans.  It feels fast and well balanced, like a sports car.  I am also a sucker for the bronze hilt.
Reviewed by: Larry, February 04, 2019

Review of: Classic Hoplite Sword

This blade is exactly what I had hoped it would be. It is well balanced and quick in the hand. Everything is tight and solid.
Reviewed by: Dan, January 23, 2019

Review of: Euro-Spearhead

This is a fantastic spearhead. Looks great on the shaft and holds up well. Works for many time periods.
Reviewed by: Dan, January 21, 2019

Review of: Javelin Head

These are real good spear heads, I really, really wanted something like this when I was a kid.  Now my sons, grandsons and friends are getting to throw these things.  The shafts that are long enough are too large in diameter, so I plane them down with a small hand plane until they are just right.  You can also fix bends in the wood while doing this. Also, a file and sand paper is good, finished with linseed oil. Only throw into dead trees, stumps and logs, no damage to live trees. The kids are ok with that.
Reviewed by: Darrell, January 19, 2019

Review of: Butt Cap for Greek Spear

Excellent quality. Can't even come close to making this for $21.00!
Reviewed by: Edward, January 13, 2019

Review of: Butt Cap for Greek Spear

wonderful object, weighs a little but helps balance the spear head.
Reviewed by: Jim, December 23, 2018

Review of: Spartan Lakonia Short Sword

Excellent quality. Sword. Appears heavy to hold, by the balance is very good.
Reviewed by: Edward, December 21, 2018

Review of: Greek Spearhead

Great spear head. Mounted it to solid wood shaft I made. Looks great.
Reviewed by: Steven, September 19, 2018

Review of: Classic Hoplite Sword

First sword I ever bought from MR. Always wanted a Greek sword of this type and not disappointed. Great quality and good feel in the hand. Sharpening quality very good also.
Reviewed by: Steven, September 19, 2018

Review of: Falcata

Read the reviews on this and had to buy. Very happy with the quality and detail. Had it sharpened and they did a good job. Feels good in the hand.
Reviewed by: Steven, September 19, 2018