Butt Cap for Greek Spear


This Greek-style butt cap protects the shaft and balances the spear. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Overall: 8-1/2"
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This Greek-style Butt Cap for spears protects the shaft and keeps it from splintering. It also gives balance to the spear. But, the Greek cleverly realized it could also be used as a secondary spearhead should the primary spearhead (#600074) be broken. No Greek spear is complete without this butt cap. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
  • Overall: 8-1/2"
  • Wt: 1 lb/4 oz



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Nice butt...cap!
This cap is very well made. It should balance out the greek spearhead nicely when I get them mounted on the shaft. Thanks for a solid product.
- Dan, August 14, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Butt cap for Greek Spear
I ordered this with the Greek Spear Head, which is on back order. I don't know if they will fit on the same pole. I assume they will. It seems very sturdy. It's sort of useless to me without the Spear Head that it's supposed to counter balance, though.
- Blake, August 02, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Nice Piece
Nice, heavy  buttcap.  Could be used as a secondary spear itself in a pinch.  Great for balancing out the Greek Spearhead.
- Michael, July 29, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Exactly as described!
This end cap balances the Greek spear perfectly. The angle of the taper matches that of the Greek spear. I'm using a round, 6 foot long, 2 ply laminated and tapered Hickory shaft. To secure the pieces to the shaft I intend to try beeswax and a properly fit taper.
- Gary, June 24, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Spear but cap
Excellent quality. Can't even come close to making this for $21.00!
- Edward, January 13, 2019 | Verified Purchase
like it
wonderful object, weighs a little but helps balance the spear head.
- Jim, December 23, 2018 | Verified Purchase
This is a beast. It's HEAVY, I am not exaggerating, and we'll worth the price. Absolutely solid except for the cap, which is about 3-4" deep. This is a weapon on par with a mace, ideal for walking sticks (my use) and self defense. If you thrust with it, you'll crush any bone you strike. The pic doesn't do it justice. This is a BIG, solid piece of hardware.
- Dylan, May 10, 2016
This cap is quite heavy, heavier than many others.  It is so heavy, that it outweighs most spear heads, but would be good for counter balancing a halberd head.
- Steven, December 25, 2015 | Verified Purchase
Placed this on the opposite end of the long hewing spear pole, very nice!
- Matthew, November 14, 2015
Purchased one several years ago hope this do not rust like that one did
- Jeff, December 19, 2014 | Verified Purchase
The socket is 1.0", compared to the 1.25" socket of the matching Greek Spearhead. I have to say I am very disappointed that the sockets on these two don't match. I'll have to taper my 1.25" spear shaft down on the butt end to make it fit. Not going to look like the spear I wanted... It actually doesn't even match the picture! the socket is about twice as log as shown. Also note that there is no hole to peen through to secure it to the shaft. I'll have to drill my own. Avoid buying this with the greek spearhead -- if it's all you want on the end of a stick, and you have a carbide drill bit, then this may work for you.
- Robert, April 24, 2013 | Verified Purchase
Fantastic, I took your greek spear butt through over a hundred miles on the trails and backroads in the Great Smokey Mountain National Forest the best I ever used.  Great for walking staffs with a kick, Heavy Duty and ready for action.  I carried it to protect from bear and boar on my journeys.  I also used it as a chisel to break off rock specimens.  It will easily pierce the steel on your car door.  I love it.
- Deva, August 22, 2011

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