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Assembled in USA

Many of our most popular swords are assembled here in the United States. This ensures that you will not only be getting the best deal on your sword, but will also guarantee that our expert crew has examined your piece for both excellent finish and top craftsmanship! Check out our US assembled collection, today!

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Swept Hilt Rapier

This rapier sword is hand-forged and has a high carbon steel blade with a diamond cross section. All-steel guard and pommel are accented with a real bleached, polished bone grip. Overall 43-3/4 inches.

The Christus Imperat Rapier

This rapier has a 1065 high carbon steel blade. Features heavy pommel and elaborate forward plates and guard. Overall length of 47 inches.

The Freedom Fighter Early Scottish Claymore

This two-handed Claymore has a blade made expertly of 1065 high carbon steel. Features leather-wrapped handle. Overall length of a massive 61 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Deschaux Rapier

Purchased this one as a wedding gift for a friend. The engraving was terrific as usual, the balance and craftsmanship felt wonderful to behold. He was thoroughly delighted with it upon opening, I love getting gifts for friends here! His wife also received a gift purchased from Museum Replicas, but that is another review to tell of!!!
Reviewed by: Dwight, September 20, 2019

Review of: Musketeer Rapier

A wonderful rapier, beefier and rock solid like a military rapier should be! As the matching main gauche, it is nicely decorated with a fine scabbard of blue. A fine addition for any collection!
Reviewed by: Dwight, August 31, 2019

Review of: Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

Nice sword , has a good weight to it. As with all the Windlass items I have purchased over the years high quality and affordable.
Reviewed by: noland, August 22, 2019

Review of: The Christus Imperat Rapier

The workmanship of this sword is outstanding.  Along with the beauty of it.
Reviewed by: Edward, August 19, 2019

Review of: Deschaux Rapier

Light, quick & elegant, without being flashy. Very well assembled. another great rapier from Windlass.
Reviewed by: John, August 09, 2019

Review of: Brandenburg Rapier

This is probably my favorite rapier in my collection. Very well crafted and simply stunning to behold. I cannot praise it enough. I'm very happy with this purchase.
Reviewed by: John, August 01, 2019

Review of: The Christus Imperat Rapier

One of my favorite rapiers. Simple, yet elegant. Light & nimble. My only gripe was that the leather scabbard must have had some moisture in the leather as it caused the blade to begin to ry=uat at the ricasso. I now leave it out of the scabbard.
Reviewed by: John, August 01, 2019

Review of: 17th Century Italian Rapier

One of my favorite rapiers in my collection. Very well made and a treat to weild. Only down side is the blade will rust at the ricasso when stored in the scabbard. Leather was still moist.
Reviewed by: John, July 31, 2019

Review of: Musketeer Rapier

Simply a beautiful rapier. Light, easy to weild and very elegant. A real museum piece. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: John, July 31, 2019

Review of: Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

I love the size and weight of this sword. Ideal for close quarters combat, this well constructed sword is another great Windlass addition to my collection. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend this sword.
Reviewed by: John, July 24, 2019