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Man-at-Arms Hand and a Half Dagger
This Cold Steel Hand-And-A-Half Dagger is a standard sidearm for knight and soldier alike. Wooden leather wrapped handle, it includes a leather scabbard with blackened fittings. 1055 carbon steel blued blade. From the Man at Arms collection,  this knife is fully sharpened and has a distinctive gun metal finish that compliments the black leather handle. If you always wanted a Cold Steel sword, but couldn’t afford one, the Man at Arms collection is for you.  Cannot be shipped to CA, MA or NY.
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    Old Fashioned Polished Bone Folder
    sold out
    The old fashion folder is hand made just like in the old days, so each varies a bit in detail, but that's what makes them stand out. Handle is brass with polished bone scales. Stainless steel blade. The simple old fashion folder reminds us of the ones used around the time of the US Civil War.
    • Overall: 8-1/4"
    • Blade: 3-1/4"
    Diamond Crank Wheel Stud Earrings
    These Diamond Crank Wheel Stud Earrings symbolize the principle of machine power in the modern age. Hand made in fine English pewter.

    American Oak 5 Liter Aging Barrel
    These are traditional aging barrels handmade from sturdy American Oak with metal support bands. Perfect to age and mellow your favorite libation (works nicely for tequila, rum, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or wine) but also a fantastic decor item. Each barrel includes bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel & instructions. Comes plain or engraved for $30 additional. This 5 liter barrel holds approximately 1-1/2 gallons. Also available in 10 liter size.

    This item ships separately, please allow extra time for delivery. No express shipping.

    Available plain or with these engraving options:

    Skull & Crossbones
    HMS Bounty
    British Secret Intelligence
    Thor's Hammer
    Elk Skull
    Horns of Odin
    Knights Templar Cross
    Knights Templar Seal
    Locksley Cross
    Celtic Knotwork
    Fleur de Lis
    Crowns of King Arthur
    Royal Crown
    The Hydra
    Chaos Cross
    Cross of Iron
    Maltese Cross
    Yin Yang
    Nautilus Logo & Icon
    Octopus Logo
    Nautilus Logo
    Steampunk Gears
    Bootleggers Mark

    Templar Cross Sword Plaque - Round
    Closeout, Was $14, Now Only $8.00!
    This sword plaque is the perfect way to display your edged weapon.  It has a black background with overlayed Templar crosses in silver on the front.  Measures 9" in diameter.