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American Oak 5 Liter Aging Barrel
These are traditional aging barrels handmade from sturdy American Oak with metal support bands. Perfect to age and mellow your favorite libation (works nicely for tequila, rum, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or wine) but also a fantastic decor item. Each barrel includes bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel & instructions. Comes plain or engraved for $30 additional. This 5 liter barrel holds approximately 1-1/2 gallons. Also available in 10 liter size.

This item ships separately, please allow extra time for delivery. No express shipping.

Available plain or with these engraving options:

Skull & Crossbones
HMS Bounty
British Secret Intelligence
Thor's Hammer
Elk Skull
Horns of Odin
Knights Templar Cross
Knights Templar Seal
Locksley Cross
Celtic Knotwork
Fleur de Lis
Crowns of King Arthur
Royal Crown
The Hydra
Chaos Cross
Cross of Iron
Maltese Cross
Yin Yang
Nautilus Logo & Icon
Octopus Logo
Nautilus Logo
Steampunk Gears
Bootleggers Mark

Adam Hsu Jianm - Fiberglass Handle
Temporarily Unavailable!
Designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu, this Chinese straight sword, or Jian, is becoming the weapon of choice in the Tai Chi community. Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in Sifu Hsu’s designs, while Hanwei’s quality and workmanship give the sword a graceful and pleasing appearance. The blade is crafted in high-carbon spring steel and has a pronounced center ridge and distal taper, producing exactly the right degree of stiffness and a very audible hiss in the cutting stroke. The Ming-style steel guard has an embossed Dragon symbol, while the open-ended pommel facilitates the fitting of a tassel. This Jians comes with a single-hand grip and scabbard made from fiberglass for extreme durability. A unique feature is the “duck-bill lock” in the bottom of the scabbard that securely holds the sword in place.  Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item.
  • Overall length: 39"
  • Blade length: 32"
  • Handle length: 7"
  • Weight: 1 lb/8 oz
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Iron Man The Movie: Mark 03 Helmet
Sold Out
This “final” version of Tony Stark’s incredible Iron Man armor is the peak of human technological achievement. It makes the wearer extraordinarily strong, and resistant to damage even from tank shells and rockets. Equipped with an array of repulsors and missiles, it is nearly unstoppable. Incredibly detailed, replica prop, based on the actual hero prop provided by Stan Winston Studios. Only 1500 of this amazing helmet will be made. Expertly hand formed steel, with the classic color scheme of plated brass and the deep crimson we’ve all come to know as the ultimate Iron Man. This full scale replica is sized accordingly, and although it is a wearable prop it will not fit most people. Features a hand numbered certificate of authenticity and display stand. Will you vow to don the powerful armor to protect the world? 9” tall x 13” long x 8” wide. Can ship to US and Canada only.

Steel Swept Hilt Rapier Left Hand
Closeout, Was $235, Now Only $159!
sold out!
Quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, this beautiful Swept Hilt Rapier is handmade by skilled artisans at Windlass Steelcrafts®, and the high carbon steel blade is hand forged with a diamond cross section. Made with a polished bone grip, this is a very handsome and effective rapier. Includes leather scabbard. Also available as a right handed rapier.
  • Overall: 43-3⁄4" 
  • Blade-38-1⁄2" long, 7⁄8" wide
  • Wt: 2-1⁄8 lbs.
Huntsman’s Damascus Rosewood Knife
Sold out!
This magnificent companion knife has a multitude of beautiful features, from the scallop carved rosewood handle to the heavy Damascus blade and fine brass inlay work around the hilt. Comes with a black leather sheath, which can support up to an 1-1/2" belt.
  • Overall: 102"
  • Blade: 4-1/2"
  • Wt: 12 oz