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Practical Plus XL Katana
Temporarily Unavailable!
The Practical Plus XL Katana provides a very economical cutting sword as dependable as the Practical XL Katana (501188), but using more traditional fittings and construction methods. The blade is forged and differentially hardened (HRC60 edge, HRC40 back) and the hamon is prominent. The Practical Plus features genuine Same (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a tightly-woven cotton wrap (Tsuka-Ito). The long tang is double-pegged for security. The fittings of the Practical Plus are decorated in a Japanese Dogwood motif with dragon menuki, and the handsome Tsuba is of an iron “sunburst” design with a brass habaki.

Heavy Competitive Cutting
Designed strictly for competitive cutting, Hanwei XL Katana blades incorporate the geometry, strength, weight and profile needed for successful cuts on substantial targets. Featuring differential heat treatment and a narrow edge angle, these wide blades will reward good technique with clean cuts and excellent durability. Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item.
  • Overall length: 41"
  • Blade length: 28-1/2"
  • Handle length: 11"
  • Weight: 2 lbs/11 oz
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Steampunk Wrist Navitron
You will easily navigate your airship when you have your wrist Navitron handy! This Victorian device is the equivalent of a modern GPS. Made of antique brass, this multi-functional device acts as sundial, latitude finder and compass, with locking button. All of the features, including sundial and angular latitude arm, fold flat for a compact look. The Navitron has been affixed to a heavy-duty brown leather band, making it accessible at any time.
  • Diameter: 2-1/2" across
  • Band: 12-1/4" long

Roman Legionnaire Statue
The legions of the Roman Empire were the best fighting force the ancient world had to offer, made so, in large part, by the professional Roman soldiers known as legionnaires. This legionnaire has been painstakingly recreated in amazing detail, down to the straps on his lorica segmentata. Manufactured in resin with an antiqued bronze finish.
  • Measures 13-3/4" tall
Flying Dragon Neck Knife
This stunning metal Flying Dragon Neck Knife has an antique silver finish. The amulet has a removable tail which reveals a curved blade. A stainless steel 30” metal ball neck chain is included.
  • Measures 3-3/4" tall x 3-1/2" wide
  • Blade: 1-1/2"
Dragon Ceramic Container
Discontinued by vendor!
This ceramic vase has a lovely antiqued bronze base, lid and handles.  The two handles are beautifully detailed dragons and the base features four paw feet. Made of ceramic with hand painted cold cast resin, the vase has rich shades of marbled browns.  Vase is only $89.00, $109.00 price includes $20.00 shipping.   Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item. Web Only.
  • Overall: 16”