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X-Men Cyclops Visor
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The Cyclops visor is authentically replicated from the original prop currently housed in the 20th Century Fox archives. The visor is wearable and has a red polarized lens which is normally used to emit the destructive Cyclops blast. The visor comes with a custom metal storage container with both the X-Men logo embossed and the Cyclops name laser etched on the lid. The box lid interior contains complete visor blueprints. Glasses fold to a convenient size. The Cyclops visor comes with a full color Certificate of Authenticity. This collectible will truly make you feel Professor X has given this visor directly to you! Can ship to US and Canada only.
Celtic Viking Cross
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After becoming Christians both the Celtic and Nordic people adapted their ancient designs to ornament grave markers. Crosses like this are still common in Ireland. Nice dark pewter finish with antique good highlights. Cross measures 6" tall by 3" wide.
Italian Hand & Half
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Circa 1500
This kind of large, deadly sword saw service in land battles all across Europe during the almost countless exchanges for territory and dominion, as well as religious wars between Catholic and Protestant nations. The long quillions are fitted with rings for excellent hand protection. The grip is studded for a very secure hold and the pommel is large to balance the long, beautiful, etched blade. Can be seen in “Armi Bianche Italiane”. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Includes scabbard. Can be sharpened for additional fee.
  • Overall: 47-1/4"
  • Blade: 40" long, 2" wide, 1/4" thick
  • Wt: 4 lbs
Raamael Pils Goblet
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This drinkable pewter goblet is accented with a Swarovski garnet crystal centered upon the wings of an ancient Hebrew demon. Measuring a full 5-1/4" tall, this fine drinkable pewter goblet is made in England.

Sacred Scarab Chest
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Artifacts from the Nile! It’s evident Egyptian royalty lived very well and now you can too, at far less than a Pharaohs ransom. This highly detailed Sacred Scarab Chest is made of hand painted resin. Beautiful deities and hieroglyphics adorn every surface. The top lifts off to store jewelry, but that's not all – the side slides open to reveal more space for sacred treasures.
  • Overall: 5-3⁄4" long, 4-1⁄2" tall, 3-5⁄8" wide