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Christopher Condent Flag
Sold Out!
Pirate Christopher Condent “inconvenienced” and embarrassed ships of the East India Trading Company on more than one occasion and even received a pardon by the French for his service. This large 3' x 5' flag, an authentic reproduction of his standard,  is made of indoor/outdoor nylon. It is double sided and grommeted for durability.

Castle Top Leather Boots
Sold OUt
These full leather, knee high boots have a castle topped crenellation edge. Measure 17-1/2" tall. Available in size 13 only.

Historical Thor’s Hammer
The god of thunder and lightning commands the heavens with the mountain leveling hammer given to him by his father Odin.  Popularized in the Migration Period, the Norse saga's and artifacts point to possible historical roots. Had Thor tread upon the earth, what would he really have carried? Our research shows us the hammer would have taken the most common cues from the age in size, shape and detail. We proudly present our version of the mighty hammer as it would have been wielded by Thor during this age. Genuine hand stained wood shaft with brass rivets and contoured, suede wrap grip. Parts and head are forged of solid metal and given an aged look. Are you god enough? Includes display.
  • Overall: 18"
  • Head: 8-1/4" x 4" x 1-1/4" thick
  • Wt: Approx 4 lbs
Stede Bonnet Pirate Flag
Stede Bonnet was also known as the "gentleman pirate."  He was originally a high ranking individual, known as Major Stede Bonnet and came from an upright English family in Virginia. Bonnet was also known as one of the very few pirates who had prisoners "walk the plank". Bonnet's flag depicts a scale of pirate justice - a dagger for battle and a heart for life on each side.  Double sided, it is made of indoor/outdoor nylon and measures 3' x 5' with metal grommets.
Celtic Cross Jewelry Box
sold out!
This striking jewelry box shows very nice carved detail in the Celtic tradition. Resin box has black flocking on the inside and bottom and has been given a very convincing gray stone finish.
  • Overall: 7-1⁄4" x 5-1⁄2" x 2"