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Grey School Skirt
  • Appropriate for all four houses
  • Hidden side zipper
  • Constructed of quality wool blend
  • Sizes available for older children
Sales Over Reg $75, Now Only $52!
The Hogwarts Uniform is worn during lessons, while eating and while studying.  Our copy is made exactly like the screen version used in Harry's later years at Hogwarts.

This grey, wool blend skirt features a pleated front with waistline button and hidden side zipper. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

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Flared Long Sword
Closeout, Was $245, Now Only $150!

Circa 1500

This type of Long Sword is pictured in many period fighting manuals. The simple hilt form allows for a varied amount of grips and is even portrayed in a strike while gripping the blade (a maneuver that seems odd at best). The simplicity of the hilt does limit the amount of hand protection, but this is somewhat remedied by the flaring blade that forms a lower guard that functions like parrying hooks. An interesting sword type that is a must for students of European swordplay. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Can be sharpened for additional fee.
  • Overall: 48"
  • Blade: 38" long, 3-1/2" wide, 3/16" thick
  • Wt: 3 lbs/8 oz
Florentine Dagger
Sold out!
Circa 1600

The Italians were reportedly the first to form the school of fighting with a rapier and dagger; it is still called the Florentine style. Be that as it may, it was used by all European countries and thought to be the most difficult and fluid form of dueling. This is certainly a handsome dagger.  The shells of the guards have been taken to the literal sense. The quillions are long for added protection and the entire hilt has been given a beautiful aged look. The blades are from well tempered high carbon steel. This well-balanced dagger includes the scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®, it can be sharpened for additional charge. Matching rapier available. 
  • Overall: 18-1⁄2"
  • Blade: 12-1⁄2" long, 1" wide, 3⁄16" thick
  • Wt: 1 lb/4 oz
Silk Flying Scarf
This 100% pure silk white scarf is the perfect complement for many airship ensembles.
  • Overall: 6' long, 14" wide

D'Artagnan Boots
Sold out!
These faux leather boots are great for a variety of outfits.  Side laces stretch to buttons on either side, plus there is a hidden Velcro strip at the ankle making them easy to put on and pull off. Black, available in mens sizes S (fits 8-9), M (fits 10-11) and L (fits 12-13).