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Venetian Stiletto
Circa 1520
On a trip to Venice we were touring the Doge's Palace and admiring the weapons when a particularly beautiful stiletto caught our eye, which we have reproduced here. Centuries old, its elegantly crafted contours and unique triangular blade were obviously shaped by a master; for the dagger shone with a positively happy wickedness. Stilettos come in many sizes, from delicate little hideout weapons to forthright long daggers suitable for use even as a main gauche, but this is certainly one of the more attractive ones we've come across. Blade face is beautifully hollowed. Grip is wood. Stiletto comes complete with sheath. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
  • Overall: 13-3⁄4"
  • Blade: 8-3⁄4" long
  • Wt: 7 oz
Leather Long Belt
This truly fantastic long belt is made of a heavy grade, Dark Brown leather.  It measures a full 74 inches in length and has a brass buckle. Nickel studs adorn the belt, one size fits all.
Baker Street Vest
This elegant vest sports a tall back collar and double-breasted front. Satin back with adjustable rear tie belt allowing for a perfect fit. Manufactured here in the US by Shrine. S, M, L, XL & XXL. Order either Black Velvet or Brown Velvet.

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The Towton Sword
Closeout, Was $225, Now Only $139! sold out!
In the winter of 1461, the yet uncrowned Edward IV marched a large Yorkist (the white rose of the “War Of The Roses”) army northward to attack the Lancastrian forces (the red rose) of the legitimate King Henry VI. Although they launched an attack on the Lancastrians’ strong position on an uphill slope at Towton, the Yorkist forces were aided by a blinding snow storm at their backs; the Yorkist archers were able to kill at a range that the Lancastrian arrows  were unable to match. The 20,000 royalists charged downhill into their tormentors. The next six hours witnessed thousands fall in one of the bloodiest battles ever to take place on English soil.

We have named this sword for that fearsome battle. The blade tapers to an excellent stabbing point and is fullered for most of its length for lightning speed. On foot it could be used with two hands, delivering terrible cuts and thrusts. From horseback its perfect balance and weight still allowed for one-hand blows of equal devastation. Truly a joy to hold, the long graceful pommel, wood and leather grip are nicely complimented by the elegant curves of the crossguard. Flexible and well-tempered, this is sure to become one of your favorites. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Scabbard included.
  • Overall: 44"
  • Blade: 36" long, 2" wide, 3⁄16"  thick
  • Wt: 2 lbs/12 oz
Port Royale Skirt
Closeout! Reg $129, Now Only $69!
This fully layered skirt is made from a gold striped polyester velvet and billowy soft white polyester. Bands of gold trim hold the upper skirt in a fairy tale like fashion. Easy lace-up back allows for a good fit. Shown here with Port Royale Shirt  (#101006) and Vest with Armbands (#101008). Order M, L or XL.

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