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Leather Long Belt
This truly fantastic long belt is made of a heavy grade, Dark Brown leather.  It measures a full 74 inches in length and has a brass buckle. Nickel studs adorn the belt, one size fits all.
Bushido Wakizashi
Temporarily Unavailable!
Bushido, or “Way of the Warrior”, defines the code of conduct an honorable Samurai must follow. Much more than the western ideal of chivalry, Bushido is a way of life in both ancient and modern times.

Hanwei's Bushido Wakizashi has a blade of hand-forged and folded K120C powder steel, with a medium-length (chu) kissaki. The saya is deeply lacquered with inlaid brass cherry blossom (sakura) flowers. High quality ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka. The tsuba is crafted in blackened and bronzed iron, with detailing in gold and silver and a battle scene decoration. The tsuka-ito and the sageo are woven from premium Japanese cotton. The fuchi and kashira are of blackened bronze with brass detailing, and the kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are of polished buffalo horn. The habaki is a one-piece brass construction. Companion Katana and Tanto also available. Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item.
  • Overall length: 25"
  • Blade length: 18-1/2"
  • Handle length: 5-1/2”
  • Weight:  1 lb/10 oz
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Canterbury Goblet
This Canterbury Goblet features intricate detailing including a fluted body pattern and teardrop stem. Made from start to finish entirely by hand in England, using some of the oldest and most traditional pewter techniques available. This particular goblet can be seen in the HBO hit series Game of Thrones, alongside other previous film productions such as The Tudors and Gladiator.
  • Overall: 6-1/2" tall
  • Capacity: 6 oz
Caring for your pewter feastware
Florentine Dagger
Sold out!
Circa 1600

The Italians were reportedly the first to form the school of fighting with a rapier and dagger; it is still called the Florentine style. Be that as it may, it was used by all European countries and thought to be the most difficult and fluid form of dueling. This is certainly a handsome dagger.  The shells of the guards have been taken to the literal sense. The quillions are long for added protection and the entire hilt has been given a beautiful aged look. The blades are from well tempered high carbon steel. This well-balanced dagger includes the scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®, it can be sharpened for additional charge. Matching rapier available. 
  • Overall: 18-1⁄2"
  • Blade: 12-1⁄2" long, 1" wide, 3⁄16" thick
  • Wt: 1 lb/4 oz
Baker Street Vest
This elegant vest sports a tall back collar and double-breasted front. Satin back with adjustable rear tie belt allowing for a perfect fit. Manufactured here in the US by Shrine. S, M, L, XL & XXL. Order either Black Velvet or Brown Velvet.

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