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Nottingham Jacket
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This magnificent overcoat is made of heavy black suede and features padded shoulders and collar, eight hanging tassets and a dual row of false chest lacing and a lace-up front, both using a red leather string. S/M only. Shown with the Nottingham Hat (sold out) and Nottingham Shirt (#101059).

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One-Handed Swords

One Handed Swords

One handed swords were first developed by the Celts of northern Europe and the British Isles, who fought from horseback. One handed, longer bladed, swords were quickly adopted by the Romans in the form of the Spatha, which were used by their mounted troops. One-handed swords saw use across Europe for cutting through mail and leather armor, and slashing (draw-cutting) for mounted and foot combat. As armor evolved in the high middle ages into complete suites of plate, the blades developed into more effective thrusting weapons, however the sharp edge was not neglected for use on the lightly armored rank and file soldiers.

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Decorative Swords

Decorative Swords

A selection of decorative Medieval and Renaissance swords that are great for office and home interior design. This category has every decorative sword on Museumreplicas.com. These decorative swords are from leading sword makers from around the world including Bermejo, Marto and Windlass. We've made it easy for the interior decorator or costumer to decorate a home or dress for an event like a wedding or party. Swords in this category include Roman swords, Viking swords, Medieval swords, and knight swords. Many represent myth and legend like Excalibur and Robin Hood.  Decorative swords are mainly used as wall decor, displays, home or office decor, or for medieval costume. This makes them perfect as a home decoration and conversation pieces, as well as for the sword collector. Easy care and maintenance for most indoor uses.
Two-Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords

Two handed swords were known as war swords in the early Middle Ages, and were used to destroy an opponent’s shield, shear through mail and damage helms. During the high middle age and on into the renaissance they were known as great swords. The blades tended to be slightly longer and even full plate armor could be damaged to the point where the opponent’s movements were greatly impaired. Though large, two handed swords weight was not excessive.
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Naval Officer Hat
Onlookers will stand up and salute this steampunk-inspired naval officer hat. The fabric and suede material provide a comfortable fit. Great for women and men.  (Large key brooch not included)