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BYOJ - Jedi Pants
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Two-Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords

Two handed swords were known as war swords in the early Middle Ages, and were used to destroy an opponent’s shield, shear through mail and damage helms. During the high middle age and on into the renaissance they were known as great swords. The blades tended to be slightly longer and even full plate armor could be damaged to the point where the opponent’s movements were greatly impaired. Though large, two handed swords weight was not excessive.

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Picadilly Blouse
This Victorian wine-colored, cotton shirt is truly one smart cookie. Our Picadilly Blouse features a pleated and laced front bib design which compliments the high-laced collar. A fine black ribbon weaves its way around the neck and the front has a small black bow tie. Elastic around the short sleeves make for a comfy fit as well as two buttons at the rear of the collar.

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Viking Queen Gown
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This full-length gown is certainly fit for a queen. The soft golden cotton dress is accented with hand-sewn jute on both the front and sleeves, while deep burgundy striped fabric is the finishing touch to this beautiful garment. Lace-up back. Comes complete with matching period belt. M only.

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Baker Street Vest
Closeout! Reg $150, Now Only $90!
This elegant vest sports a tall back collar and double-breasted front. Satin back with adjustable rear tie belt allowing for a perfect fit. Manufactured here in the US by Shrine. Choice of Black Velvet in S, M, L or XL or Brown Velvet in S, M, L, XL & XXL. 

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