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British Police Uniform Coat
The steampunk world of 1893 can be a dangerous place. Standing at the ready is the Elite London Police Force. Here we offer this beautiful uniform jacket made of black, suit-weight twill. The plastron front is buttoned into place with eleven antique brass buttons. The padded shoulders and Nehru collar gives this “a right smart look.” This coat has matching Jalopy Pants available, #101565. Shown with English Bobby Helmet. Face mask, gloves, bobby stick, belt and mag pouch not included. . Order S, M, L or XL.

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Thor's Hammer Black Pendant
Closeout! sold out!
This beautiful Thor's hammer pendant is cast in sterling silver and carries the name of the hammer, MJOLNIR, in Futhark runes. Pendant has runes on black background and includes a 24" long rhodium plated chain.  For a more traditional look use your own leather thong.
Steampunk Pince Nez Glasses
Discontinued by vendor!
The antique style glasses are making a comeback. These glasses were made to fit on top of the bridge of your nose without earpieces. The name comes from the French words pincer (to pinch) and nez (nose).  Not intended for childern under 14.
Gold Flower Damascus Katana
This elegant katana has a 4,500 layer, fully tempered, maru Damascus blade. The iron tsuba kashira and menuki all have a black finish with flowers leafed in gold color. The grip is real rayskin with black cotton ito and a decorative habaki. The saya is traditional with black lacquer over wood. This sword truly evokes the soul of the samurai, blending the beautiful with the deadly.
    Sacramental Rood Necklace
    Discontinued by vendor!
    This Sacramental Rood necklace is a heavily carved cross from the Middle Ages incorporating the red-enamelled Sacred Heart and suspended with a large Austrian crystal dropper.  Also comes with a nickle-free chain. Pewter, made in England. Ships Separately, No Express Shipping available on this item.
    • Approximately 5-3/4" x 4"