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The Battlecry line of historical swords, daggers and axes has been designed in conjunction with John Clements, whose knowledge of historical fencing and Medieval and Renaissance fighting methods is unsurpassed. Hand forged by Windlass Steelcrafts, the 1065 high carbon steel is tempered in computer controlled ovens to an RC in the low 50's. This ensures strength, resiliency and edge retention. Swords have extra wide full tangs and all weapons are sharpened.

Each model has been put through rigorous physical testing to exceed industry standards. These battle tested weapons have a stone washed, blackened finish. Each is individually inspected at every step of the manufacturing process, and only after passing inspection they receive the armorers stamp on the blade. A certificate is included with each, signed by the craftsman that worked on your blade. Also included is a matching sheath and, when applicable, frog.

Watch this exciting line in action!

  • Acre Crusader Broadsword
    Acre Crusader Broadsword

    ID#: 501509

    Reg: $325.00Special Introductory Price: $265.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (4)
  • Agincourt War Sword
    Agincourt War Sword

    ID#: 501506

    Reg: $350.00Special Introductory Price: $265.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (9)
  • Bosworth Longsword
    Bosworth Longsword

    ID#: 501505

    Reg: $350.00Special Introductory Price: $285.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (7)
  • Crecy War Dagger
    Crecy War Dagger

    ID#: 404231

    Reg: $150.00Special Introductory Price: $95.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (1)
  • Fiore War Hammer
    Fiore War Hammer

    ID#: 601004

    Reg: $250.00Special Introductory Price: $175.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (2)
  • Hattin Falchion
    Hattin Falchion

    ID#: 501508

    Reg: $325.00Deal of the Day: $235.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (2)
  • Maldon Seax
    Maldon Seax

    ID#: 404119

    Reg: $225.00Special Introductory Price: $139.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (7)
  • Maldon Viking Sword
    Maldon Viking Sword

    ID#: 501507

    Reg: $350.00Special Introductory Price: $265.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (11)
  • Orleans Battle Axe
    Orleans Battle Axe

    ID#: 601005

    Reg: $150.00Special Introductory Price: $115.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (4)
  • Soldier’s Buckler
    Soldier’s Buckler

    ID#: 300501

    Reg: $110.00Sale: $80.00
    Rating(s) starstarstarstarstar (3)