blade Sword

Pirate Weapons & Clothing

  Avast me heartie - MuseumReplicas.com can prepare you for your high seas adventure with our full line of buccaneer costumes, weapons and accessories.  Our pirate's bounty has everything you need to sail the Seven Seas, from a pirate cutlass to swords, sashes, boots and flags.
  • Helmet of Thor - Lord of Asgard
    Swords & Other Weapons
    Much of the fighting was in close quarters for Pirates. At MuseumReplicas.com you will find a large selection of historical replica Pirate knives, cutlasses and firearms. 
  • Embossed Viking Helmet
    Men's Costumes & Accessories
    MuseumReplicas.com carries a full line of high quality pirate costumes, shoes and accessories for men.  Our authentic pirate clothing is affordable and comfortable; perfect for re-enactors and faire goers! 
  • Steel Roman Greaves
    Womens Costumes & Accessories
    Women sailed the high seas along side of many famous pirates. MuseumReolicas.com offers one of the best selections of women’s pirate coats, shirts, pants and skirts. And what female scalawag would not be complete with a full line of pirate accessories for the ladies, too?
  • Spartan Shield
    MuseumReplica.com offers a wide variety of historical flags for the pirate in all of us.