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Steampunk Clothing, Weapons and Accessories

  Come one, come all! is your proprietor for all things Steampunk. Whether aboard an ocean liner, exploring the safari or taming the wild west we have marvelous finds for men and women.  Please come often to stay abreast of new developments!
  • Women's Costumes & Accessories

    Women's Costumes & Acces...
    Museum Replicas carries a full line of high quality steampunk costumes, jewelry, shoes and accessories for women. Spanning the lengthy Victorian era, our clothes are authentic and comfortable. Made with high quality fabrics, we pay attention to every detail, from the beautiful buttons to the hand stitched trim. You will be sure to turn heads when wearing our authentic clothing!
  • Men's Costumes & Accessories

    Men's Costumes & Accessories carries a full line of high quality steampunk costumes, shoes and accessories for men. Our authentic Victorian clothing is affordable and comfortable; perfect for re-enactors and faire goers! 
  • Goggles & Eye Wear

    Goggles & Eye Wear
    What is a steampunk outfit without a great set of goggles? is your main supplier of  turn of the century eye wear and goggles.
  • Hats

    If you need any type of steampunk head wear from bowlers to top hats or Victorian style head gear, is your one-stop shop for toppers for both men and women.
  • Footwear

  • Weapons

    Steampunk Weapons Whether you want safe LARP weapons or real steel swords, has a large variety of steampunk weapons for your unique persona.
  • Timepiece Devices

    Timepiece Devices
    No other piece exemplifies steampunk like timepieces. has a wide range of period pocket watches and timepieces for just about any ensemble.
  • Jewelry

    Wondrous gears and cool mechanical things make up some of the unique steampunk jewelry that offers.
  • Gadgets & Decor

    Gadgets & Decor is the manufacturer of some of the most bizzare and unique steampunk gadgets and décor for your home.