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Crusades Armor, Clothing & Weapons carries a wide & well researched selection of top quality clothing, weapons and armor of this turbulent period. You will be the envy of every knight. Were Richard the Lionheart alive, he undoubtedly would have enjoyed our line of romantic, regal attire and the battle ready weapons, shields and armor. 
  • Swords & Other Weapons

    Swords & Other Weapons
    The age of the Crusades saw a wide variety of weapons in use and has the largest selection of these historical weapons for the enthusiast and re-enactor.
  • chainmail armor

    Chainmail Armor
    Medieval mail armor was the first line of defense against enemy weapons. offers one of the widest ranges of steel and aluminum chainmail on the market. From darkened steel to riveted aluminum, we are a one stop shop for period mail shirts and coifs.
  • Helmets, Greaves & Vambraces

    Helmets, Greaves & Vambraces
    Protecting oneself in battles, whether small or large, was an absolute must during the Crusades. From the knight called upon to defend a kingdom to those jousting in times of peace, the need to defend oneself was essential. Museum Replicas carries an extensive line of body protection, from chain mail and leather protection to full suits of armor.
  • Shields

    Shields offers a wide range of historical shields from the Crusades, both for decor and battle ready use.
  • Tunics, Capes & Robes

    Tunics, Capes & Robes
    Both re-enactor and fair-goer alike will find the selection at of period shirts and tunics to be some of the most authentic on the market. From simple cottons to rich velvets and brocades, our line of period shirts and tunics are sure to please every enthusiast of the age of the Crusades.
  • Flags

    Flags have been a part of armies and battlefields for as long as we can remember. offers a wide variety of historical flags from the Crusades.