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Viking Clothing, Weapons and Armor

  The feared Vikings took to sea from Scandinavia in their longships for many reasons; to explore, to trade and to plunder. From this rich culture came some of history’s fiercest warriors. has a selection of fine Norse replicas, from clothing and jewelry to weapons and Viking armor.
  • Swords & Other Weapons

    Swords & Other Weapons
    One of the largest areas of focus for is the variety of Viking swords and weapons we offer. From a standard warrior to a Viking king, we have the sword, axe or weapon for you.
  • Viking Armor

    Viking Armor
    Vikings wore a variety of armor from metal to leather. offers a variety of Dark Ages armor and protection.
  • Viking Costumes & Accessories

    Viking Costumes & Access...
    Viking men and women dressed for the inclement weather, but had a stylish way of  using the linens and wools to create a unique look. sells apparel for just about any Viking ensemble.