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Padme Apartment Gown with Shoes

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Padme Apartment Gown with ShoesPadme Apartment Gown with ShoesPadme Apartment Gown with ShoesPadme Apartment Gown with ShoesPadme Apartment Gown with Shoes

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"Wake up, Senators… you must wake up! If we offer the Separatists violence, they can only show us violence in return! Many will lose their lives. All will lose their freedom."

The strong will, self restraint, willingness to sacrifice for the right cause and of course beauty are all traits of the Senator from Naboo.  Ironically the weakness for Anakin who aided in the Republic's downfall, she was also the warrior of the Republic's ideals and it was her strength that gave birth to the Rebels hope and ultimate success.

Her beauty and character were reflected in everything that she wore.  One outfit that stands out is the incredible dress worn during Attack of the Clones while packing and conversing with Anakin in her apartment.  Appropriate for a government official, royalty and you.  Whether wearing it or proudly displaying it, it is absolutely stunning.

Nothing was spared in the months needed to source material, perfect cut-patterns, painstakingly custom dye and reproduce the intricate detail on what on the surface is a simple outfit compared to some of her other dresses.  Every layer worn on screen inside and out is replicated and includes the silk inner skirt, silk outer skirt, hand made leather pumps with the custom Coruscant curve in the 2" heel, the silk & cotton blouse with hand made, real metal armbands and stones inset and finally the genuine velvet vest with intricate, custom beadwork and embroidery.  It takes a full day just to make the design on the front for a single vest.  The care taken mimics the care that would have taken place on Naboo when made originally.

The reference material available was exhaustive and the expertise of the Lucasfilm archive staff invaluable in getting each detail correct, even the ones not visible on screen.  The best materials have been used, and even the weight of the fabrics have been custom dyed and matched. Every textile was chosen with the utmost care to bring this amazing ensemble to you as it was worn on screen.  Even the buttons, hook and loop and other closures needed by Natalie Portman to have the outfit look perfect have been reproduced and carefully placed to exactly replicate the ones used on screen.  This ensemble includes the shoes.  If you wish to purchase the shoes alone click here.

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The gown is beautiful but the wait time is ridiculous. I ordered this gown in February to wear to Celebration in August and I still have not received the gown. Talked to a representative today at Celebration and he said the gown was just now getting ready to ship but that the shoes would not be ready until November!!!! So now I won't even have the complete outfit for Dragon Con. They have had $700 of my money tied up since February!!!! Oh yeah and their customer service SUCKS!!!!
Reviewed by Jennifer  S
8/12/2010 12:00:00 AM

Set of 8 Armbands

  • 6 Shoes
  • Small Gown
  • Set of 8 Armbands
Base Price: $695.00
Customized Price: $695.00