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Shield of Captain America

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Shield of Captain AmericaShield of Captain America
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Captain America is presented with a technologically-advanced new round shield made from a combination of Adamantium-Vibranium, perfect for America’s great justice crusader. The alloy is indestructible, yet the shield is light enough to use as a discus-like weapon that can be angled to return to him like a boomerang. This is the quintessential shield associated with this great hero. Our version is hand hammered full steel, hand painted and accurately sized and dished to original blueprint specs. Only 750 will be made worldwide! Shield can be removed from plaque and has the proper genuine leather hand holds bolted to the back per Marvel blueprints. Includes full size “Army crate” wood display plaque and hand numbered certificate of authenticity. There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item. No Express or Air Shipping Available. Shield cir. 30". Wt -12 lbs. Can ship to US and Canada only.