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Highland Dress

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Highland DressHighland Dress
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Our Highland lassie dress is designed so the sleeves, bodice and skirt are made into one - eliminating the need for three garments. By doing this you save money and will be a lot cooler with less weight to wear. Dress features a full skirt matching the plaids in our men's kilt (#100092). Available only in red/green plaid. The black bodice has back lacing with white lace trim adding to the lovely look of this dress. S only.

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very pretty dress. I didn't notice the sleeves where built in until I recieved it but does make it where I don't have to where an under dress unless I want to. sleeves are a little tighter than ideal and would be better to be loose or tie at wrists rather than how they are since that would be more period. the lighting in the picture of the dress makes it look ugly but it is very pretty black for the 'corset' part of it and a rich red plaid for the skirt. the sleeves are an odd material and would be better to be cotton or linen to be more period but doesn't take away from the dress. the dress is nearly to long for a short woman like me (5ft 4in) but not so long I'm likely to trip on it. for the price it is a very good dress and worth it. wearing it the next two weekends to the Texas Renessiance Festival.
Reviewed by rebecca  b
11/8/2011 12:00:00 AM
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Reviewed by christina  c
7/11/2010 12:00:00 AM
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I got this dress for a friend who is going to her first SCA event.. The bodice is double layer, and construction appears to be good quality, but I must agree with the reviewer from 11/21/09... The sleeves are crap, and the only detail keeping me from giving the dress a 5 star rating. My friend already wants to cut them off and attach better made sleeves. The only other complaint I had was that the lace was cut cord without so much as a piece of tape to keep it from raveling slightly. (very slightly). Over all we are very happy with the dress. I would not mind having a couple more like it as loaner garb. I do think they are sized a li'l large. according to the sizing chart an XXL should have fit my friend with an inch or two to spare, but lacing as tight as possible still results in enough room to fit my fist between her back and the bodice. We will likely end up taking it in just a bit.
Reviewed by Matthew  L
3/31/2010 12:00:00 AM