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Lorica Segmentata

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Lorica SegmentataLorica SegmentataLorica Segmentata
Believed to have been introduced in the ranks of the Roman Army during the first century A.D. and widely used at the height of the Roman Empire. Our replica, designed by Luca Giampadi, is superbly made of 18 gauge steel. It is closely copied from a type of Lorica found in Newstead, Scotland, that dates from the second century A.D. This armor is quite flexible and allows plenty of freedom of movement. Fits chest sizes from 42" to 46".
  • Wt: 17 lbs/6 oz

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This is now an inaccurate reproduction of the Newstead Style of Lorica-Segmentata. New evidence now indicates that this style of armor had very large brass or bronze hinges at the shoulders. The armor is otherwise well-made from heavy 16-gauge mild steel. Most other repro "Segs" on the market are made from 18-gauge steel. This armor is not recommended for use in my reenactment Roman Legion XXIV due to historical inaccuracies, but would be good for theatrical or SCA battle use. Just as 2000 years ago when worn by Roman soldiers, the armor will require maintenance, primarily rust removal. As with most all ready-made plate body armor, if you are overly tall, short, thin or stout, this armor may not fit you well.
Reviewed by George  M
8/31/2015 10:20:25 PM
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Excellent reproduction in design. As with the originals lorica segmentata are prone to rust, not only because of the mild steel construction but because of the galvanic effect between the two metals: steel and the brass or, more properly bronze, fittings. Requires regular maintenance!
Reviewed by Ian  B
3/12/2014 12:00:00 AM
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Reviewed by Nicolas  L
9/28/2013 11:45:21 PM
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Reviewed by ENRICO  D
8/24/2009 12:00:00 AM