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Danish Hand Axe

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Danish Hand AxeDanish Hand Axe
To the victims of the Vikings, they were all Danes. It didn't matter whether they came from Norway, Denmark or Sweden, they called them Danes. Most everyone is familiar with the larger Danish Axe, with the monstrous blade sometimes over a foot wide. But smaller axes were quite popular for all sorts of work, hewing the limbs of trees as well as the limbs of men. They could be thrown if needed, but were quite handy in close combat with or without a shield. High carbon steel blade. Not only is this a fine replica, it is a fine axe in its own right. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
  • Overall: 21"
  • Wt: 1-1/2 lbs

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Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
I really like this axe. Well worth the money. The only thing I would change is the haft is a bit too thick. Otherwise it handles beautifully
Reviewed by Thomas  B
3/10/2017 11:03:41 PM
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I've used this to clear trees from my yard. The axe held up quite well, so I imagine it would work well against whatever you may have occasion to swing at. After two trees, I notice the head was getting just a little bit wobbly. I wasn't giving it any mercy, though, and I don't reckon this hand axe was made for that kind of abuse, so all in all, 4 stars.
Reviewed by Anthony  D
10/12/2015 8:44:26 PM
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
I received this weapon as a Valentine's present from my Best Beloved. Okay, nothing says I love you like a hand axe... I researched Norse culture for the last 25 years and your products have always pleased me. The axe's shape is lovely, (really, very lovely!). The handle, however, is at best okay. I would have prefered a harder maple handle than some Indian wood that will split when thrown or and make me have to pop a steel pin out to replace it. The top of the axe, towards the very top of the upper curve is bent. How this got through your Quality Control, I do not know. It's not enough to affect her, but enough to be seen and I didn't feel like spoiling my Darling's pleasure by sending her back. I wish you would have offered a sharpening service with this axe as well. I certainly would have paid the extra 15$ to have it done but I know good men who'll do it for me and will do it properly. There were also fingermarks all over the axe-blade. Considering in the past my Father purchased many of your Viking-era swords from your company -- they're hanging in my dining room and him and I fought with them -- I'm quite concerned to which the quality of your work has fallen. I regret having to say that. -- Mrs. Wendy Mathison --
Reviewed by Kaye  V
2/19/2009 12:00:00 AM