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Hand-Woven, Hand-Stitched Men’s Renaissance Shirt

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Hand-Woven, Hand-Stitched Men’s Renaissance ShirtHand-Woven, Hand-Stitched Men’s Renaissance Shirt
This beautiful Hand-Stitched Men’s Renaissance Shirt is constructed exactly like its' historical counterpart.  Hand sewn in rural India by master tailors and seamstresses from 100% hand loomed materials then hand stitched the same way it would have been made during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. No machines were used in the construction of this garment. Features a turn back collar with hand stitched grommet and lace closure at neckline. Cuffs have a mother of pearl button closure on a 2-1/2" wide cuff. The gathered set in the sleeves offer fullness and fit. Natural 100% cotton in S, M, L or XL.