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English Arming Gambeson

# 101693

Sizes and Colors in Stock:
  • Black S / M / L / XL |
  • Brown S / M / L / XL
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English Arming Gambeson English Arming Gambeson
These English Arming Gambesons are a perfect blend of comfort, protection and style. Manufactured of a cotton blended fabric they provide a solid base to either build any outfit upon or perfect on their own. Quartered with front, back and side slits below the waist  for excellent maneuverability. Black with pleated lower or dark brown with quilted lower. S, M, L or XL.

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Product does not have a high collar. Material wasn't great, sitting ripped immediately while putting it on. It looked good for a moment but I don't suggest buying it. Not worth the almost hundred dollars. I'm usually not overly critical of museum replicas items but I wasted 100 dollars on this particular piece. Unfortunately it was made so poorly I can't even return it, most of it fell apart... sad
Reviewed by Anonymous
2/5/2017 8:16:20 PM