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Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition

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Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition Sword of Charlemagne Limited Edition

Overall Length: 38-1/2"

Blade Length: 30-3/4"

Weight: 4 lbs / 6.5 oz

Steel: 420 Stainless

Edge: Unsharpened

Sharpening: Unavailable

Engraving: Unavailable

Reg $759, Limited Time Only $449!
Charlemagne, Charles the Great, King of Franks and Emperor of Western Europe, was born in 742 AD and became a famous commander in one of the great centers of power in history - The Sacred Roman Empire. Charlemagne's empire was based on the fighting strength of the Franks, a confederation of barbarian tribes from the land of the Rhine in German. An aggressive conqueror, wise politician, statesman and fortunate General, Charlemagne set the shape of the vast empire that, in a different way, has reached to modern times.
Our Limited Edition Sword of Emperor Charlemagne is a replica of one of the most well known swords in the world, the traditional coronation sword of France, once attributed to the great Emperor Charlemagne. The original is kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. To this day, it is unclear whether the sword is Charlemagne's sword "Joyeuse" or if it is of a later date, between the 12th and 13th century as more probably it dates back to.

This highly collectible piece has a 24-karat gold and silver plated hilt ornate with figures in relief. The grip is wrapped in fine leather and the blade has elaborate 24K gold etched imagery that makes this piece a precious historic display piece. Comes with wall plague for mounting and certificate of Authenticity. Each piece is individually serialized and strictly limited to 1500 units worldwide. Decorative use only. Intended for wall decor, displays, home or office decor or for costume. Price includes international shipping. 

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    This is a sword worthy of Royalty in every way. I am displaying the Sword of Charlemagne with the honor due this Holy Roman Emperor - under a huge canvas print of his Royal image. The only thing that baffles me is the display plaque that comes with it, which I am not using. I would think a much more discriptive and significantly historical type plaque could be created to accent this magnificant piece. Charlemagne is my 54th Great Grandfather, David L. Pease
    Reviewed by David  P
    4/15/2017 4:20:46 AM