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Dagger of Azrael

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Dagger of Azrael

Dagger of AzraelDagger of AzraelDagger of AzraelDagger of Azrael

Dagger of AzraelDagger of AzraelDagger of Azrael
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In many traditions and folklore, Azrael is known as the Angel of Retribution and is identified with the Archangel of Death. This stunning dagger is an exact reproduction of a 19th century French piece which was designed as a homage to this deadly angel.

The extremely large size blade has a similar design to an ancient Egyptian willow leaf shape. The grip is of exceptional quality and has a level of detail rarely seen in a dagger from this period. The craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts have painstakingly reproduced every minute detail in this rare weapon. A three-dimensional image of a cloaked skeletal figure forms the base for the overall grip, while a deadly serpent wraps its way around the guard and down towards the blade. Exquisite filigree metalwork adorns the matching scabbard, with black leather forming its base. All of the fittings on this piece have been lavishly plated in 24-karat gold. Truly a piece belonging in the collection of the legendary Sherlock Holmes himself! Includes lined coffin shaped box.
  • Overall: 18"
  • Blade: 11 "
  • Wt: 1-1/2 lbs

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