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Sword of Santa Casilda


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Sword of Santa CasildaSword of Santa CasildaSword of Santa CasildaSword of Santa CasildaSword of Santa Casilda

Overall Length: 36-1/2"

Blade Length: 30"

Blade Width: 1-7/8"

Blade Thickness: 3/16"

Weight: 3 lbs

Grip Length:

Point of Balance:

Steel: 1065 High Carbon

Edge: Unsharpened

Sharpening: Available

Engraving: Available

Reg $375, Limited Time Only $235!
Circa 1200-1300

This original magnificent sword can be seen in Madrid at the Institute del Conde de Valencia de Don Juan and is referenced in many of Ewart Oakeshott’s books as a supreme example of a Type XII sword. He aptly describes it as being “Sweet and well-balanced in the hand, as it is beautifully proportioned.” The tough, 1085 high carbon steel blade has a full tang and is fully tempered, then peened over the pommel. Pommel has red/black wave pattern leather inset. Parts are intricately cast brass with an antique finish. The Latin script around the pommel reads AVE MARIA PLENA GRATIA while the cross guard has Spanish script DIOS ES VINCENTOR EN TOD on one side and O DIOS ES VINCENTOR EN TODO A on the other. Grip is wood covered in rich red leather, then cross-hatched with black leather strips and brass tacks for a unerring grip. Includes heavy grade scabbard and custom long belt set with solid antiqued metal fittings. Can be sharpened for an additional fee, made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
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Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Very nice fit and finish. Blade came very sharp. Overall very pleased with the entire package
Reviewed by John  S
2/28/2017 10:08:30 AM
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
This is a gorgeous sword and an excellent deal. I ordered mine on a Wednesday night (sharpened and engraved) and had an issue with my credit card, which I corrected over the phone the next day (Thurs). Customer service at Atlanta Cutlery (where this ships from) was exceptional. My sword shipped on that Friday and arrived on Tuesday. I was afraid it was arriving too quickly, as I ordered it sharpened and engraved, but it was perfect. There are no cosmetic defects, the peened pommel is stunning, with different shades of metals coming together, heavy and solid. Everything is tight, the sharpening and engraving, fantastic. I didn't have any issues with the scabbard being too tight. The scabbard, belt and fittings are beautiful.
Reviewed by Mike  H
2/18/2017 9:38:36 AM
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
just received mine today,cut few water bottles also cuts paper thin and regular with ease.the writhing on guard and promal is very well done!.love the grip,feel's great in my hand .the balance point is 3and 5/16" from guard.the seath is an upgrad for windless swords,it's perfect not to fancy and not to plane just right.when using it has blade presents but not blade heavy.sword look way better in person.I did research on dark sword armory,sword armory and alibon swords befor buying mine.I found dark sword of armory had some problems with swords breaking and weight of there blades,sword of armory had some sharping,fuller,and very rough peen,s and albion there were some sharping problems,the above are all good swords but when I compared to this windless including cost plus this one I just bought from museum replicas was on sale.I was an easy decision the whole package of the sword of santa casilda was the best deal.I have medieval swords,windless,hanwei,ronin katana-the peened modles and legasy arms and the ones I like the best are the windless.great sword,safe cutting Ray Blundell
Reviewed by ray  b
5/13/2016 3:52:57 AM
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Swift, light and effective! This is a true sword for the ages. I love the look and feel of the sword as I parry the forces of darkness. The sword literally hums as it moves through the air.
Reviewed by Sam  O
3/18/2016 7:28:12 AM
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Great sword, well made with a tight scabbard. Only one problem, the scabbard is too tight! It takes two grown men to draw and resheathe the blade.
Reviewed by Luke  A
12/17/2014 9:48:46 AM