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Steampunk USB Flash Thumb Drive


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Steampunk USB Flash Thumb DriveSteampunk USB Flash Thumb DriveSteampunk USB Flash Thumb DriveSteampunk USB Flash Thumb Drive
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This 8 gig Steampunk styled USB drive allows you to connect to the Aethernet in style, carrying personal mementos or entertainment to amuse you on airship journeys. So put this cog in the machine and access millions of pages of text, hundreds of songs or 20 hours of cinematic movies! Includes copper plated presentation box. USB drive is copper plated metal housing with key ring. USB Interface Specification 2.0.

Can be personalized with 3 initials (select left).  Please specify if you want the drive or box engraved.

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Awesome visual idea, but like the other reviewer here, I, along with other friends of mine, would definitely be all over this if it were a larger capacity. With college assignments, etc. going digital (especially me being in graphic design), a larger capacity drive with a stunning look like this would definitely have my attention. I am seeing a lot of 16GB to 64GB flash drives online running from cheaper to only slightly more expensive than this drive. MRL - up the capacity on this thing and I'll be buying at least a couple of them from you XD
Reviewed by Faelandaea  D
1/11/2013 12:00:00 AM