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Steampunk Wrist Navitron

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Steampunk Wrist NavitronSteampunk Wrist NavitronSteampunk Wrist NavitronSteampunk Wrist Navitron
You will easily navigate your airship when you have your wrist Navitron handy! This Victorian device is the equivalent of a modern GPS. Made of antique brass, this multi-functional device acts as sundial, latitude finder and compass, with locking button. All of the features, including sundial and angular latitude arm, fold flat for a compact look. The Navitron has been affixed to a heavy-duty brown leather band, making it accessible at any time.
  • Diameter: 2-1/2" across
  • Band: 12-1/4" long

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Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
May be too big for your wrist, so a leather hole punch tool maybe needed for a better fit.
Reviewed by Joseph  V
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Solidly built and functional. However the leather wrist band is made of very thin leather and tends to slip. You will need to punch a few extra holes if you want to wear it like a wrist watch. Still a great find. Set the arm to 33 degrees, in Georgia, to get an accurate reading from the sundial. Lots of fun.
Reviewed by David  E
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Oh, now this is a cool item. Nicely made and a nice fiddly gadget. Two things. 1) To the chap who asked if it worked - If you want a decent compass, see an army store. As long as there is sun, the dial will work. The compass does move and eventually gets there, but I saw this as more a 'prop' item. Things fold and unfold, but I certainly wouldn't use it in orienteering...I would use it at a Steampunk convention, gig or larp (where the rules make it 'work':) 2) I will add this before people rate this item low on a couple of points. When you first get the item, the sundial doesn't flip - but a quick bend of the curved metal bit makes it work perfectly. The strap wont fit most wrists, but is a very simple job to create holes. A staple part of Steampunk - tinkering and fiddling with things. If things don't work at first, tinker - these are 'replicas' after all:) I say! This review was longer than War and Peace...
Reviewed by Jonathan  M
Overall Ratingstarstarstarstarstar
Museum Replica does the wrist navitron work? Like does the sundial, latitude finder and compass work?
Reviewed by Matthew  K